The Train Ride Continuation BY: Brooke Jamieson

As soon as we got onto the train I was amazed! Just the seating area was AWESOME!!! We got a very soft, and comfy seat. It felt like sitting on a pillow with a soft case. It was very comfortable. I liked it. But, when the driver hit the breaks I went forward into the table in front of me. There was a herd of deer on the tracks! I wasn't able to take many photos, but here is one of some seats.

A picture of some seats.

After a few minutes, someone came to our seat, and offered us some snacks. I got a hot dog, and some Coke. My mom got a salad, and Pepsi. Personally, I don't like Pepsi. "We're going to be late." My mom exclaimed. "I doubt that. But it's a possibility." I replied. "You're right. I shouldn't get worried over nothing." My mother said, relaxing. Well, I was worried, too. My mom would blame it on me, for doddling. But, whatever. Not my fault I couldn't find something. Well, I should relax. I'm hungry, I should eat my meal.

My meal in front of a cool background.

[AFTER I FINISHED] Boy... That was DELICIOUS! Well, we're back on the move, about 20 minutes until it starts. It's still a 23 minute drive... Uh-oh! We may be 5 minutes late. Because of a 2 minute walk. Well... I couldn't help it. I didn't want my mom to be sad that we were late. So I went up to were the guy shoving coal into the furnace thing is, I'm not sure what it's called, personally. I asked him if there was any way that we could go faster. "Yes, there is a way. But I need that bag of charcoal. Can you pass it down?" The man said, he was tall, and muscular, holding a big metal shovel. I said I could, I climbed up, and threw it down. Having it smash when it hit the ground. "Ah, perfect. Allow me to shovel this all in." The man said, shoveling it in. The train zoomed forward, the man was wise. He knew what to do. I ran back to were my mom was sitting. "WE MAY MAKE IT!!!!" I screamed, as soon as I sat down. "Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, dial it back." My mother said. "Oh, fuzz.."

Maybe I'll share later.. Bye!


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