Florida Museum of Natural History Kaylee Range

Nature on Display

I really enjoyed the marine life section of the museum. Maybe it was the child inside of me, but the blue lighting made the area that much more enjoyable. The ocean has a big part in my child hood, so it was very interesting for me to learn about the things I grew up with. I really enjoyed that the museum was set up to be both enjoyable for children and adults. It had areas for the kids, but also made things relate-able for adults. The information that was being told was also easily understood by younger children, and not dumbed down so much that is was boring to older ones. I saw a child as young as 4 and an adult as old as their late 60s in the museum. Both seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Nature and Ethics

The museum had many areas dedicated to gaining knowledge about different ecosystems and their preservation. This particular cave ecosystem was very appealing. It was darker and colder than the rest of the ecosystems, so it was stark in contrast with the rest of the museum. The cave made me feel aware. I was aware of my surroundings, and how the cave was set up. I think this particular exhibit frightened some of the other visitors because it wasn't lit well and was rather dreary feeling. It had a bad connotation, so anytime someone entered or moved, someone else would jump. The museum ad all of the exhibits set up in a way that allowed you to be apart of the exhibit. It really felt like we were walking through a cave, or under the sea, or in a rainforest. I definitely think that the museum made me more aware of how I treat the environment. It made me want to so my part in preserving what I can, so that maybe it will still be intact for the future generations.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I think the museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives because it allows us to enjoy the smaller things again. The things that make the child-like part of us happy. We admire the nature around us, and the animals that once were, and the ecosystems surrounding our daily lives. We are able to learn in a way that is interesting to all ages. We learn about the environment from the past and how to preserve it in the future. We learn about the life cycle of animals. We learn about the different kinds of soil we stand on. It makes us appreciate the little things in life that often get overlooked.


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