The Gardens School Annual Plan, 2020

Edge of the Horizon. Taha O Te Rangi

Our Vision: Education that prepares learners for their future and challenges them to continually strive.

Our Mission: To develop independent, life long learners with strong foundations of literacy and numeracy through real, student driven, inquiry learning, using ICT as a tool.

Annual Key Actions

NAG 1: Curriculum

Close monitoring of curriculum delivery across all areas

Strong literacy and numeracy classroom programs and support programs

Growing emphasis on visual language and multimedia presentation

Development of STEAM throughout the school

Continued future focus on e-learning, IT, coding and robotics

Focus on Physical Education and developing future habits for fitness and health

Careers education and developing employable skills in our students

Development of Key Competencies

Rich focus on cultural recognition of all students and a clear focus on New Zealand, our difference and the place of Maori within our country

Environmental education and deep connections with the Botanic Gardens, Totara Park, Waicare and other positive environmental groups.

International connections, sister school programs, exchanges, and online collaboration

Second language programs, Spanish, Chinese and genuine opportunities to share

Musical and performing arts programs, choir, band, cultural groups etc.

Happy, confident kids!

NAG 2: Documentation and Self Review

Regular and ongoing review of school policies and procedures using TGS SchoolDocs account

Regular and ongoing monitoring of students achievement information using Linc-Ed platform.

Teacher appraisal and teaching as inquiry recorded through Interlead Appraisal. An ongoing and developmental focus on staff appraisal.

Continued review of systems to support continuous improvement

Community consultation and analysis of feedback and trends.

Strong emphasis on communication with parents. Use of the school App, Linc-Ed, Bulletin information, team newsletters, Instagram, blogs, wikis and visual presentations. On-going parent workshops and information opportunities.

Nag 3: Personnel

A stable and contented staff

Commitment to fully collaborative, 21st Century teaching and learning

Focus on whole school, targeted professional development

Recruitment, induction and retention programs that attract and keep quality staff and allow them to be ready for our vastly different teaching styles

Continuation of Collaborative Release to Assist Planning and provision of specialist teachers to ensure a wide variety of opportunities are available to students

Providing opportunities for staff to present at Professional development conferences and workshops

Apple Distinguished School status along with 407 schools world wide and all the opportunities this provides for our staff and students

Leadership opportunities for staff through the Alfriston Kahui Ako and through curriculum lead roles.

Nag 4: Finance and Property

Management of the redevelopment fo the TGS site following our rebuild

Ongoing planning for roll growth

Explore and develop spaces in the new school to cater for specific programs

Continue to purchase furniture and equipment suitable for the collaborative teaching spaces

Annual Accounts and accounting programs monitored and maintained

Ongoing applications for charitable grants and to further develop the school grounds.

Nag 5: Health and Safety

Positive Behaviour Management Program

Leadership opportunities and peer mediation

Health and Safety systems and programs

Documentation relating to new building and 10 Year Property Plan

Safe physical and mental environment for students and for staff

Healthy food plans and programs

Nag 6: Legislation

Board of Trustees made aware of any changes to legislation that may affect the governance of the school

Policies and procedures meeting Legislative requirements

Documentation in line with requirements of the Treaty of Waitangi

Enrolement scheme and legislation adhered to

Annual Plan accepted by MOE

Te Ao Maori

The Gardens School will take all reasonable steps to provide Te Reo and Tikanga Maori within the school. We aim to implement programs of learning that reflect and include reference to New Zealand's unique cultural diversity including knowledge of our heritage and history. Our programs recognise the Treaty of Waitangi and the traditional Maori roots of our country. The Gardens School will:

Provide staff with professional development in Tikanga and Te Reo Maori

Identify local and regional history and liaise with Manurewa Marae

Celebrate both Maori and English versions of our national anthem

Observe and reflect on commemorative/celebratory days e.g. Waitangi, Matariki

Use Te Reo when planning and delivering teaching programs

Encourage use of Te Reo in the day to day interactions

Work alongside VLN to provide Kapa Haka and Te Reo

Continue enrolment with Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

Maintain our school Pepeha so it is part of the fabric of The Gardens School

...and that's a wrap!
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Susannah Fowler