Boom to Bust Visual essay

Home Life in the 1920s for Farmers

A poor family sits in a beat up living room with raggedy clothes and all the children are very dirty.

Women in the 1920s

A family sits by the radio, the young women sits reading the newspaper, while the man sits typing on his typewriter. As for the baby she sits in awe of the new modern advancements if the 1920s.

Home life 1930s for Women

A family is sitting in a room where she is washing clothes and the son is reading and the father is looking after the baby

Farmers Home Life in the 1930s

A poor family of farmers are in very poor clothing and are all very dirty. They are all crammed into one room.

Leisure Time For Women in the 1920s

A young women sits in here living room listening to the radio.

Leisure time in the 1920s for farmers

A young boy is smiling with 2 little pigs in his arms and having fun with them.

Womens Leisure Time in the Great Depression

A young women is spending her time sewing.

Leisure Time for Farmers in the 1930s

A young girl is filthy and she is standing in the middle of the cotton field.

Womens Role in Economy 1920

Many women are working in a factory together, so they can fend for their family.

Farmers Role in Economy 1920

A group of farmers stand tools as they are working

Women Role in Economy 1930

A group of women working a very unpleasing and unenjoyable job together.

Farmers Role in Government 1930

A filthy farmer family sitting down in a dirty room.

The Role of Government For

2 women protesting for voting rights for women

Role of Government for Farmers

Farmers were protesting, the ones who needed help were not getting it from the government.

Role of Government for Women in 1930s

A young women sits working, she was granted a job after the government passing a law allowing both partners in a household to be working at once.

The Role of Government for farmers

A food drive place is opened up for farmers as a relief program for them.

I sat down along with the rest of my family for dinner. The floor creaked as I pulled the seat closer. For once in almost 3 months we had something to eat for dinner. A small loaf of bread sat in the middle of the table.

We joined hands and prayed thanked the lord for this blessing. Though he wasn't we had the bread, the government set up a relief program for suffering farmers like us. Today we were granted food, or at least just a little something to keep our tummies from rumbling late at night.

We finished our prayers and I took the bread and split it into 7 pieces, one for my 5 children, my husband, and me. The bread was rough even a bit chalky but when you do not have food for almost a week you don't care what it is. My children were greatly satisfied. Our farm just began getting back together, though we had almost lost it.

We were granted money for our farm to get back started again with. Once all the children finished their bread we all got up and went to our living room where Thomas, my husband, lit a fire.

The children sat all around the fire as for me and my husband we sat in old beat up sofa chairs. I got up and pulled the radio ,that we had bought back before the depression, closer to us. I tried to tune in to any voice that was speaking in hopes of comfort for our family.

I stopped at a talk with Roosevelt talking about the new relief programs which we were apart of. My children's faces lit up and they l got excited to hear our president speaking for us. By the end of the talk all the children were all bunched up together sound asleep.

Business closures caused our farm to loose business, many people in the city where we live near are suffering greatly from job loss. No one has the money to buy our crops but with FDR's relief program we are avoiding foreclosure, though we have very little money. Roosevelt was truly our hero.

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