Theories of Iceman's Death By: Brendon Vance

Who is Ötzi?

Ötzi is a prehistoric mummy that was trapped in frozen ice. Scientists used carbon dating to find out when he died. They said he died over 5000 years ago! Also, he lived over 5000 years. Where was he discovered? He was discovered on the Northern Alps on the border between Australia and Italy. How was he discovered? In 1991, two hikers, Helmut and Erika Simon, were walking off the path of a hiking trail hoping it was a shortcut instead they found Ötzi.

This is a photo of what Ötzi may have looked like when he was alive.

How did Ötzi die?

There are many theories of how Ötzi died. The one I believe is that he died defending himself from some sort of an enemy, and got killed. When scientists examined his body they said there was copper in his back. So they say his attacker must have shot him in the back with a copper arrow. Then Iceman must have ran and bled to death. It must have been snowing really hard because there was proof that he was wearing clothing that you should wear in cold places. Also, the snow must have covered him really swiftly, then the ice covered him and protected him before any living beings could find him.

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