The School Newsletter Week 7, Term 1 2020

What's Coming Up

  • Fri 13 March: All parents, carers and families are invited to join the students of Kinder, Yr 4/5 & 5/6 at Mass in the church, beginning @9:30am
  • Mon 16 March: St Patrick's Day celebrations and the launch of our school vision
  • Wed 11 March: The Year 2 students will visit the residents of Tenison Apartments
  • Monday 23 March: Meet & Greet with Lisa (Pastoral Care Worker)
  • Fri 27 March: School Cross Country
  • Fri 27 March: Term fees due

From the Principal

As we prepare to launch our school’s Vision and Mission Statement at our St Patrick’s Day celebrations next week, I would like to highlight our fifth and final Mission Statement: “Serve one another and be generous with love.”

St Patrick’s Primary School is a dynamic school community founded on the Christian values of love and service to all. At St Patrick’s we endeavour to raise and nurture thoughtful students who are responsive to the needs of others in our community. The obstacles to this ideal are obvious, as we live in a world which is immersed in a mentality of narrow individualism and which exalts possessions. At St Patrick’s, we educate young people to live all that they learn in such a way that it not only beneficial to them individually, but is also beneficial to the wider community. Our overarching aim is to encourage our students to seek opportunities to work towards creating a more just world.

But educating for justice is not just about teaching students to give of their time and talents to those in need. Teaching our students about respect for people and for their dignity is probably the most important aspect of service. Teaching them about the root causes of injustice, and how to take an ethical stance, is at the heart of Catholic social teaching. At St Patrick’s, we also teach our students to be hopeful that a better world is possible and that they can actively contribute to its realisation.

Have a good week.

Peter Green.


Leanne Hyland has been on leave for two weeks, due to a fractured foot. Unfortunately, Leanne Hyland’s injury has been worse than was originally diagnosed, and she will therefore be absent from school for the remainder of this term. At this stage, we expect that Leanne will return to work on the first day of Term 2 – 27th April.

Mrs Kerrie Korsman, who has been teaching Year 1 White in Leanne’s absence, has been appointed to teach the class fulltime until the end of Term 1. We thank Kerrie for agreeing to take on this role. Kerrie knows the students well. Knowing that Kerrie will be teaching Year 1 White on a fulltime basis gives us great peace of mind and, working closely with Cheryl Ogden, this arrangement will provide consistency for the students.

In Leanne’s absence, Daniel Lockwood has been appointed to the role of Acting Religious Education Coordinator. Daniel has experience as a Religious Education Coordinator in other schools, as well as experience as an Acting REC in other schools, and he comes into the role at a very busy time of the year for all Religious Education Coordinators. Daniel is an active member of the Parish of Wyong/Tumbi Umbi and he has a Masters Degree in Theology. I thank Daniel for stepping into this role.

Cathy Curk will teach Year 4/5 on Fridays while Daniel undertakes administrative tasks in the role of Acting Religious Education Coordinator. I thank Cathy for being so flexible and willing to make changes to her teaching routines.

Peter Green


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to attend the regional touch football trials, which will take place at Auston Oval, Stockton Street, Morisset on Friday next week, 20th March: Jemima K, Ayla P, Summer W, Kai J, Alex W and Ben Mc. Thanks to Ben McCarthy who ran the school trial last Friday morning.

St patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday next week but, due to our gymnastics program falling on that day, we will celebrate on Monday (16th March). Please join us for any or all of our activities, which were advertised in last week’s newsletter.

St Patrick's Day (next Monday) is an out-of-uniform day. The students are invited to come to school dressed in something green. They will be asked to donate a gold coin (or more) to Project Compassion, which is Caritas Australia’s annual fundraising and awareness-raising appeal that brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Please join us in the church at 9.15am for our St Patrick’s Day liturgy.

Parents and grandparents are invited to wander through classrooms as the teachers teach their morning literacy blocks.

Remember to visit our St Patrick’s Day art display in the school hall.

If you know of anybody who would like to know more about our school, please let them know that we will be conducting school tours at 10.30am.

Throughout the day, the students will participate in a variety of fun activities with a distinctively Irish flavour.

There will be no meal deal this Monday. However, there will be green food for sale, priced from 30 cents to $1.00. If possible, please bring coins, not notes. All money raised from the green food sales will be donated to Project Compassion.

Looking forward to celebrating the feast of our school’s patron saint next week.

Cross Country

The St Patrick’s school cross country will be held on Friday 27th March at the park and foreshore area of Reids Reserve, Lambton Parade, Swansea Heads (also known as Swansea Heads Park). The students in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to participate in the school cross country, and they will run in their respective age groups – 8/9 years, 10 years, 11 years and 12 years. While the Years 2 to 6 students are doing their cross country run at Swansea Heads, the students of Kindergarten and Year 1 will be invited to run a short course cross country within the school playground.

Buses will transport the students to and from Swansea Heads. All students are required to be at school at 9.00am for the regular morning assembly, and all Yr 2-6 students will travel to and from Swansea Heads by bus, departing at 9:10am. No students will be permitted to travel in cars.

We require parent assistance at six checkpoints along the Swansea heads route to supervise and to support our eager runners. The six checkpoints are described below. Checkpoints 2 to 6 can be easily accessed from a carpark at the end of an unsealed road off Hamilton Street.

A note with full details and a volunteer reply slip has been sent home with eldest children today, (check those school bags!). Please indicate on the reply slip if you are able to assist with supervision, and return the reply slip to the school office by Friday next week (20th March).

Meet & Greet Invitation

As the new Pastoral Care Worker at St Patrick’s Swansea, I would like to invite you to join Peter Green and me for a meet and greet over a cuppa.

Date: Monday 23rd March 2020

Time: 9.00am in the staffroom

I hope to give you an insight as to what my role will involve throughout the school and encourage you to take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing chat and a cuppa.

Lisa Ridgewell

Canteen Roster

Volunteers are desperately needed in the canteen. Online ordering will be closed on particular days until the lunch time shift has three volunteers, or two experienced volunteers. - Please consider putting your hand up to help out in the canteen, and remember to see the office about officially registering as a volunteer at the school.


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