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"The Next Indicated Thing..."

~~"I want to become a doctor, model, actress, an astronaut; I want to travel the world! Im going to get back into school; Im going to start my own business; I'm going to join a gym; I'm going to start dieting; I'm going to start yoga; Im going to create a blog".....Sounds familiar? You've probably been here before, we all have. All the things you're "going to do..." does it all get done? Maybe so, but most likely not. Knowing how life works, we say that we're going to do something, we may even start it, but never follow through with it for many reasons. Maybe because of uncertainties, outside influences, insecurity, doubt, or just plain laziness! Life throws so many curve balls at us that sometimes, we don't know if we are coming or going. Sometimes, things that we want to pursue are unfortunately based upon circumstances. We have a tendency to allow our circumstances to define what we do, even who we are; maybe to feel weak, shy, insecure, depressed, or lonely; now we don't have the current capacity to accomplish those things. These are all valid feelings, yes I acknowledge that. I even believe that we should "sit" with these feelings for a while when they come, almost like we're going to "kick back and enjoy the company per say." The only way to pass certain feelings is to acknowledge them, accept and nurture them for some time, and then LET. THEM. GO.~~I recently came across a brilliant video from Tracee Ellis Ross who explains the significance of doing "The Next Indicated Thing." In the video, she explains how we don't always need to know what the big answers are for our life, instead we can get up and do the next indicated thing. This simply means we can wake up and get ready for our day, drive to school or work, eat a meal, go get ice cream, walk to the park and simply sit in the grass, shower, etc. This means to show up, despite our circumstances. Ross explains that instead of pushing through, we should "walk through anyway." She encourages all of us to "SHOW UP." Ross also brilliantly explains that this process is not "pretending", yet just not allowing those circumstances or feelings be the thing that we lead with.~~This brings me here today. I am doing the next indicated thing. Writing my first entry. I have always had hopes of maybe one day beginning a blog, but it was always something; a circumstance, and/or a feeling. Despite what we are going through in life, we must be encouraged to show up, be present. Just be, here, now. We only have this moment. Time doesn't exist, nor does the past or future. We only have the present. What are we going to do with it? I want to encourage you to keep your feelings company for a while. Sit with them, nurture them, and then allow them to leave. Show up, & move on to doing "The Next Indicated Thing."_ Sincerely, Jadesymone...

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