Game Overview

Game Description

  • This is a simulation game in which real life actions take place

Objective of the Game

  • The game consists in stealing the most stuff you can and returning home safe. In the end, when the police has all players in jail, every player has to see who has the most items or the most valuable to see who wins.

Number of Players

  • 3 to 5 players

Game Components

  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Die
  • 3 - 5 Player pieces
  • 21 Items
  • 5 Police
  • 5 Safe house
Game Components

Game Rules

Game Setup

Every player starts in the bottom right corner and the police cars will be set up in the left top corner of the table.

How to Play

  • How players move on the board: players move by rolling the die, but they have to say the direction they want to go before rolling the die. First, you roll one die and take the quantity of steps the die says and then you roll the other die and do the same. Also, if you get the same number in the second die you stay without gasoline for that turn.
  • After the player finish moving himself the other players choose which police will move, and to know in which direction the police will take, the player who just finish his turn should roll one die again to see. If he rolls: 1 or 2 is straight, 2 or 4 backwards, 5 is right, and 6 to the left. The police can rich one whole street per turn. Also, let’s say the police is in the right corner and you roll the die and get a 5 which is to the right the police will keep moving to the right, but starting from the left corner of the same street.
  • If one player interferes with another player, he can steal his stuff if he still has it in the car, but he has to respond correctly a question of the game.
  • How a player wins: after all of the players get to jail or after every item gets collected , you start to count all the valuable stuff that each player got. And the one with the most points has wins.

On Each Player’s Turn

  • First, you roll the die to see how many steps you can take
  • Then, you think which is the best direction to take for you to steal.
  • After, you roll the die once again to see in which direction the police will take

Game End

  • When every player gets caught by the cops or if there are no more buildings to collect the game ends

Determining the Winner

  • The winner is the one who has steal the most valuable stuff, the one who has the most points.
Game Setup
Game state when players have advanced to phase 2 of game play

Tutorial Video

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