General office clerk By : lupe becerra

My three themes :

Organizer : scheduling, planning, and organizing your words makes life better. People count on you to get details right a pull a plan together .

Basically I get everything on time . People always count on me to get stuff together .

Dependability: trust is important to you. You care as being seen as a responsible and trust worthy. People count on you to do what you will do. When you make a promise you mean to keep it.

Basically trust is very important to me . If i make a promise I will mean it .

Competing: you see many things as a game and you feel great when you when you win , you truly hate to lose because you're always striving for first place

Basically I'm always striving for first place . I love winning

My career : general office clerk

General office clerk perform a variety of clerical task. They answer telephone, typing, documents, and even filling records. They could work at school and even government offices.


In California the adverage they make is about 33,270 a year .

Outlook :

To be a general office clerk typically you need a high school diploma or equivalent.

Collage major

The reason why I chose this job because it uses a lot of working with technology and communicating with people . I don't know yet what I really want to be when I grow up for now this would be my first choice .

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