Learn To Ski Can't think of any fun winter activities? Here are some tips to help you learn how to ski. By: Mira Linderman-Vento

When I first started skiing I was having trouble controlling my skies. It can be frustrating when you mess up. I’m here to give you some tips to get skiing smoothly.

Tip 1. Getting on your skis

Step 1. Place your skies sideways so they don’t fall down the hill.

Step 2. Put the toe of your ski boot on the inside of the binding up against the front clamp and push down with your heel. (do the same on the other foot).

Step 3. Once your skies are on try moving forward by shuffling your feet.

Tip 2. Stopping

Step 1. Go to the top of a beginers hill and shuffle your feet to get moving.

Step 2. Keep your knees bent.

Step 3. Put your skis parallel to each other (french fries) to go faster.

Step 4. When you want to stop point your skis towards each other (pizza).

Step 5. Make sure not to cross your skies.

Step 6. Practice going and stopping for a while.

Tip 3. Turning

Step 1. To turn shift your weight onto one ski.

Step 2. Dig the inner edge of the ski you're leaning on into the ground slightly.

Step 3. As you get better at turning practice taking sharper and smaller turns.

Step 4. You can also use turning to stop. When you want to stop turn the same as you would usually but turn entirely to the side so you don’t keep going.

If you follow these tips you will be able to learn new and more advanced strategies for skiing. Good luck!


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