What My Values Look Like Raelyn Herman

What country I live in

I want to stay in the country i live in Because all my family lives here and because i love the country and woods i couldn't live without all that

The Type of Residence I am looking for

The type i'm looking for is like a place where i have my own land and can do what ever

How I will get around

I hope that i can get around in a truck......Ford


I hope to stay with the LIFESTYLE i have witch is country BECAUSE i love it


I want to wear boots t-shirt and jeans or converse and skinny jeans and a t-shirt sometimes


I'm going to have my own house with farm animals like cows,horses,chickens,dogs,cats,goats,and others animals and that will be my famiy


My job will be probably a vet becuase i love animals and like to help them

What I do in my mean time

i some times go with my dad brother or mom and go FOUR WHEELER RIDING and we go on walks back in our woods or most of the times i go outside and let my animals out to eat grass or to run


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