ABC's of Africa By: Carson Speiden


  • Africa is the second largest continent in the World
  • Africa is the hottest continent in the World

Blue Nile

  • The Blue Nile was a good trade route
  • The Blue Nile was a good source of water


  • Cocoa was used to make chocolate
  • Cocoa can be grown so it will never run out

Draa River

  • The Draa River was a good food source
  • The Draa River was also a good water source


  • Ebola is a deadly disease that is caused by infection
  • Ebola is highly contagio


  • France joined forces with the African army
  • France sold Africa gun and taught them how to make them

Ghana Empire

  • The Ghana Empire was one of the first empires to use camels for travel
  • The Ghana Empire was the biggest empire south of the Sahara


  • HIV is a decease that causes infections
  • HIV is caused by the tranfer of certain body fluids

Ihosy River


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