San Gimignano Tuscany, ITALY

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We absolutely loved our Tuscan Villa! We would have loved to have shared it with friends (maybe we’ll come back here again!). The only disappointment was we had to leave it behind. So short a time!

We had only 16km of walking today... Easy. Not! We got a hot 27deg day with little shade along the way. The terrain was more steep than the day defore and we had a limited water supply. Just when we were on the verge of running out, we came across a refrigerated public water fountain! Phew!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade overlooking San Gimignano. Gathering our strength we set off for the final stretch along the road into the old medieval town, with the typical steep climb into the tilltop walled city.

San Gimignano is a beautifully preserved city, but bustling with many tourists (and we are now off-peak). It has become a tourist town with bus loads arriving in the morning and then departing later in the evening. The benefit of staying overnight is that you do get the place to yourself for a short time once they have all left!

Villa at Gambassi Terme

The days walk from Gambassi Terme to San Gimignano

San Gimignano

Queue for Gelato!
Takes us down memory lane with the Wakeling’s and Randsom’s back in 2013!
San Gimignano after sundown
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