Never had I found such an astonishing true-life cloak-and-dagger story that was this important and also this unknown.
In 1953, the United States sought to promote its strategic interest by attacking an Iranian regime of which it disapproved. The results were exactly the opposite of those for which American leaders had hoped.
The secret operation codenamed Ajax marked the first time the CIA set out to destroy a foreign government. This was not only an astonishing piece of covert action. It forever shaped the course of world history.
Given the shattering importance of Operation Ajax, why do Westerners know so little about it?...
[Iran’s] contribution to world culture is immense, stretching from mathematics to medicine to architecture and poetry… Given Iran’s size, location, heritage, and enduring power, it should be a vibrant, rich, and influential nation. Instead it is poor, weak, and isolated. How did this happen? Why has modern Iran failed to fulfill its potential? Why is there such a massive gap between what Iran might have been and what it is today?
This [work] is a blow against that historical amnesia.

- Stephen Kinzer

from the foreword to Operation Ajax, an interactive app and printed graphic novel from Cognito Comics, based upon Kinzer's work detailing the 1953 Coup d'Etat in All The Shah's Men.

For in the understanding of the events which have shaped our current global landscape, humanity can best find ways to move forward. May we find courage and hope in realizing the folly of war remains an anathema to thriving.

Chapter 1: Prince
Chapter 2: Resistance
Chapter 3: Pawn
Chapter 4: Role Model
Chapter 5: Pride
Chapter 6: Fear
Chapter 7: Royal Decree
Chapter 8: Puppets
Chapter 9: Endgame
Chapter 10: Shah

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