Boom To Bust African Americans in the 1920's to 1930'S


This picture was taken during the 1920s when they were protesting for equal housing. During that time white people wouldn't sell their houses to African Americans.
In the 1920s racial tension ignited violence in multiple states. Which had caused ghettos to form.
The Harlem Renaissance shaped America and the entire world as much as jazz. The small neighborhood of Harlem had been filled with many talented black writers, musicians,actors, painters and others. Which created a lot of race pride.
In the early 1920s a group called the Klu KLux Klan. They were founded by Dr.Hiram Wesley Evans. He boasted "100 percent Americanism." They mostly opposed ,but also labor unions, socialists, socialists, Catholics, Jews, and immigrants.


The great depression affected virtually everyone ,but African Americans were hit the hardest. almost all blacks had no jobs. Workers in the north called for blacks to be fired.
The NAACP developed strategies to end racial discrimination.
The leisure time for African Americans during these hard times were many. Particularly comedies, gangster movies, and musicals for entertainment helped people forget about their hardships and troubles.
The home life during this time wasn't that great. Most had lived in little broken down homes also known as Hoovervilles. They were just small shacks.

African Americans between 1920 and 1930's experienced a lot from different aspect of society. Racial tensions were high in many states and it ignited violence. The violence happened in large parts because of the great migration. Black people weren’t allowed to live in property owned by Whites. So they they lived in “damaged” area also known as ghettos. In New York a talent had blossomed into the Harlem Renaissance. In 1920 the neighborhood of Harlem had been filled with talented black writers, musicians, actors, painters and others. It didn’t mean that everyone was equal. Blacks had to protest for equal housing rights. Which meant that whites wouldn’t sell their property to blacks. As the 1920’s progressed a group formed called the Klu Klux Klan. It was founded by Dr. Hiram Wesley Evans. He had boasted”100 percent Americanism.” Although they had mainly opposed African Americans they opposed Catholics, Jews, immigrants etc. They promised to reinforce the law and eventually gained considerable political power. Eventually social activists founded the (ACLU). It began helping the ideals in the Bill Of Rights a reality for every American. As the roaring twenties came to a close the stock market had crashed. Which led to the great depression, it had affected virtually every american. The group hit the hardest were African Americans as the Great Depression took its toll. African Americans only about half had a job ,but primarily in the North were blacks had jobs. White workers called for blacks to be fired. That lead to poverty and granted them a one way ticket to a Hooverville. It was a run down town filled with broken down homes or shacks. They've been named that due to President Hoover not being able to solve the crisis. Another crisis still hasn’t been solved, discrimination and racial tension. Luckily an organization was trying to solve that problem. The organization was the NAACP. It developed strategies to end racial discrimination. It was one way the government was playing a role in discrimination. Since the African Americans primarily lived in run down shacks they needed something to do. Blacks had many things to do for leisure time. To get their minds off the hardships they’ve been going through would watch a comedy, gangster movie, and musicals for entertainment. Which was the better decade?

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