Good Life Tour of the Harn Bernadette Gomez

Technique of the Artist

Seeing this piece of work in person versus online or printed on a paper was helped me better appreciate it for various reasons. Firstly, the artwork is much bigger in person that it would look online or printed. Even if someone knew the measurements before hand, it still wouldn't do it justice as would being there in person to observe it. When seeing it in person, also, I was able to get lost in the lines, as I imagine the artist did as well. To be honest, it made me feel confused. Only after looking away and back at it a couple times did I understand that the vertical lines ended where the horizontal ones began. The lines are also what I found to be so striking about the artwork.

Design of the Museum

The wing I found most appealing was the one dedicated to Frida Kahlo. I liked it because it wasn't paintings done by Kahlo; instead it was pictures of Kahlo throughout her life. I liked it the most because it depicted the person behind the lens, or in this case, the person behind the canvas. Kahlo herself led an interesting life and it was an opportunity for museum-goers to see that.

Art and Core Values

This artwork appealed to my core value of tradition. All four of my grandparents are from Spain and a part of the Spanish tradition is bullfighting. Although my grandparents weren't bullfighters, my grandfathers ran with the bulls in Pamplona. Spain as a country has very deep traditions and seeing this artwork reminded me of my family at home in Miami. It instills in me a sense of pride in my roots, and where my family is today.

Art and the Good Life

This picture immediately spoke to me about the good life. Frida Kahlo in a hospital bed, sick, doing what she loves most: painting. I believe that this picture evokes that theme because, even though she may be physically ill, she is still doing what she is so passionate about. I believe this communicates the theme extremely effectively because the good life is about being as happy as you can with the life you lead instead of wishing you had someone else's life. Kahlo is clearly happy with the life she leads and is showing the good life here by making the most of what she's got.

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