Skill Builder: Design for Print and Screen Learning Journal

Class 1

Learning base camp :: InDesign recipe

Homework Assignment

In the Adobe EdEx course "Storytelling" I created a Spark Video which is the base for my Class 1 Assignment.


I've already worked with InDesign but I didn't want to make it too easy for myself. So I created a new template and put the focus on the layout. (The background image shows the apricot blossom in the Wachau/Austria.)

Learning camp 2:: InDesign music poster

I loved this assignment. I already did some music posters and so I decided to make something totally new: "Go to YouTube, find a very nice clip and create a music poster based on this video". If you wanna watch this video for my poster, here is the link. So my challenge was to create a poster for a ballet:-)

I sketched my idea - a piano and something typical of ballet and found the right images on Pixabay.

These images could be the base for my poster

Next I startet Photoshop and designed my background. (I decided to take only two images from my base.)

Now I was ready to "finish" my work in InDesign. I placed the background image and startet with the title.

(Font: MMa Pascal)

I wanted something new and experimented with the information (Font: Nobile). Put the letters on the piano keys. This part was time consuming:-)

Because I wasn't that satisfied with the first version I created a second one - please let me know which one you prefer!

Thoughts about my own learning

Although I've some experience with InDesign there was something new - especially the structure, complementary information and demos in live classes are valuably for my own work in classes. The assignments were well conceived and practicable both beginner and advanced learners.

Thoughts about how my students might learn

The participants in most of my classes (further education) have a different knowledge level. They are working e.g. as designers, software developers, office administrators or salesmen. They know how to use Adobe Software or have no idea how to start InDesign or Photoshop. So my challenge is to satisfy all of them.

Assigments for beginner and advanced learners
  • Do the assignment 1:1 as the instructors told you to do (use the provided material)
  • Add some specials (like in Palatschinken a new template or in Butterfly the YouTube video as a base)
  • Create 2 or 3 versions
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Cornelia Böhm

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