Isaac Taylor A2 What i did in prostart this year round 2

3 Knife cuts: batonet, large dice, small dice
Lodge cast iron pan. 12 inch variant for $39.50 at
Cheesecake topping 'lab': For this lab we experimented with various cookies and spices to attempt to find the best crumb topping for our cheesecake. We found that a shortbread/ginger snap mix had the best flavor, and the waffle cone had the best texture.
Laminated pasta with ravioli 'lab': In this lab we experimented with laminating a parsley leaf inside two layers of pasta for the top of the ravioli. We found that the stems were too woody and broke the pasta.
Fajita lab: In this lab, we used lots of different cooking methods for each ingredient. one of my favorites of these was the beef. This was probably because of my love for meat.
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