Joby travels By: toby and james

Come to the Himalayas. It is made up of three parallel ranges and it covers 75% of Nepal. The Himalayas are also one of the youngest mountains in the world. The Himalayas cover 1,500 miles across the northeastern portion of India.

Come to the Plateau of Tibet. It is the largest tropical in Asia. The highest elevation of the Plateau of Tibet "Roof of the World" is over 16,000 feet. It's about 965,300 miles long. Another name for it is the Asian tower or the third pole. The Tibet is a glaciological in the world, and it is a home to enormous amounts of glaciers.

Come to the Taklimakan Desert. The nickname for the Taklimakan Desert is Sea of Death. It is the second largest non polar, sand shifting desert. The Taklimakan Desert has two oasis. An oasis is an area with plants surrounding a body of water. It's rare to have an oasis in the desert because the land is very dry. In the 1980s, mummies were discovered.

Come to the Gobi Desert. It is so long that it takes a year from start to end. It is the 5th largest desert in the world. The term of Gobi in Mongolian language is large and dry. It covers up more than 100,000 square miles.

Come to the North China Plain. It is the largest space of level land in eastern Asia. North China Plain is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. It is below 160 above sea level. Most of the rivers flow across the plain on an elevated bed.

Come to the Huang He River. The Huang He River is also known as the Yellow River. It is known as the mother river by all Chinese people. The river is the cradle of Chinese civilization. It is about 3,395 miles long and the lower end of the river reaches a delta.

Come to the Chang Jiang River. The river is also known as the Yangzi river. The river's character changes sharply upon reaching the Eastern limits of the high lands. It's basin extends for a little more than 2,000 miles. The length of the river is 3,915 miles. More than 3/4s of the river's courses runs through the mountains.

Come to the Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal has a distinct tropical marine ecosystem. The Bay is about 1,000 miles long. It has an average depth of more than 8,500 feet. North Eastern Indian Ocean occupies an area of about 839,000 square miles.

Come to the Dead Sea. It is a salt lake with banks that are than 400 miles below sea level. It's the lowest point on dry land. The Dead Sea is filled with enormous amount of salt causing everything to float. Most of it's water is from the North and it flows into the lake. The shores are 1,412 feet.

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