FOOTBALL DRIVE Brandon Dela rosa

Ezekiel Elliott has a dream , that he will play in the NFL for The Dallas Cowboys. He is living right now in Arlington , Tx with his family. The problem is that Ezekiel parents don't want him to play for the NFL. They think that is pretty dumb that he has a lot of potential jus to waste it on Football. When Ezekiel is walking downtown he meets with a 65 year old man. His name was Deon Lewis a former player for the New England Patriots. Ezek explained his problem to Deon and he understood him. Deon asked if he could talk to his family. Ezek thought it would be a bad idea but hoped it would work. There at the house Deon tells Ezekiel to wait outside. After a couple of minutes Deon comes outside and has a smile in his face. All of a sudden his family starts to make remarks about football. Ezek knew already that he didn't have to ask if they agree with him about his dream.

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Brandon Delarosa

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