Equal Rights Selma alabama right to vote


Selma is in Alabama in 1965 bloody Sunday is what the event was called the reason it started is because African-Americans wanted the right to vote they did not give it to them, instead the police came and ruined it all. The button will take you to find more info about this event that this might not have covered

Passage 1 "Show down in Selma": John Lewis was walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with six hundred African Americans behind him and protested to get rights to vote. The police officers instead of giving them the right to vote they shot tear gas, used clubs, and gunshots fired. It did not end well and Lewis suffered a fractured skull. "There was mayhem all around me all I could hear is weeping screaming and gunshots" John Lewis recalls

Passage 2 "Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965": The Army Massed with power and marched across the bridge to the African Americans, Thousands of whites would never be the same because they saw what the African Americans had to put up with. as soon as they crossed the bridge, Whites and blacks marched together across the bridge.

Compare: Similarly both of the articles talk about the same thing and have a lot of the same reasons,points, and captions.

Contrast: On the other hand they also have lots of differences. The first passage (Show Down in Selma) talks a lot about John Lewis and has a lot of main points and details. it also can be compared to a report other than a article as well as it being a secondary source as the author was not there to see the event. The second passage (Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965) it talks about the people in Selma but not much about John Lewis. Also the article is more a primary source than a secondary as the author, Andrew Kopkind was part of the march. in addition it covers more smaller details.


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