Getting the Most out of Google add-ons A Guide for Teachers

What are add-ons?

Add-ons can be added to any Google Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation or Form! There are so many great add-ons for students to use that enhance their learning, organization and for teachers to improve their feedback skills.

A few of the MANY Google Add-ons for educators


This add-on can be used with Google Forms and will grade them for you! It creates a spreadsheet for data on each question and how each student did with total points earned and percentages. Now you have self graded quizzes, exit tickets and assessments!

Pro writing aid

This great add-on is perfect for any class that has writing assignments. Pro Writing Aid works with Google Docs and will spell check, be watch dog for plagiarism, and improve overall writing skills by checking grammar, acronyms, find overused words, and cliches and paragraph structure.


g(Math) can be added to any Google Forms, Sheets or Docs. It allows teachers and students to add mathematical equations, formulas, graphs and stats to any of these platforms using just a regular keyboard. There is also a speech to text function.

lucid charts

Who doesn't love graphic organizers! The Lucid Charts add-on has an endless amount of charts and organizers that works seamlessly with Google Drive. Students can work collaboratively with their peers to create organizers or teachers can use this in team or committee meetings.


This awesome add-on allows teachers to differentiate online instruction for students depending on their needs. It also organizes content into folders, provide scaffolding to specific student, give feedback and MUCH MORE!

Science Game

This add-on comes with built in science experiments and focus on topics in Physics. Science Game has students doing science rather than only reading about it or watching videos. It also integrates well with Google Classroom and Edmodo.

Google add-ons open up new possibilities in the classroom!

For more google add-ons follow the buttons below!


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