Exploring Technology By Sofia DeVito

Since the beginning of the semester we have completed 7 projects which include, the impossible puzzle, measuring, color your kitchen, the towers, Wind turbines, Engineering Go for it, and the Billions In Change Video.

Impossible Puzzle

Our first project/assignment of the year was the Impossible possible. My group was Christina and Alex, and it took a long time to make a cube. We couldn't figure it out since we were thinking of the wrong way to shape it. For example, we were putting our puzzle together, upside down. This took us a long time to do but, when we realized what we were doing wrong, we finally accomplished it.


In the measuring unit, we learned how to measure with rulers. This will help us in the future because we could be building different types of houses or finding how long an object is. Also, this project took about one week to complete. Additionally, we learned how to read the small millimeters that are on the ruler, which will help us determine the exact length of an object.

Color Your Kitchen

During the Color Your Kitchen unit we built a modern kitchen using Sketch up. We used a sketch up model to help us complete this. This project took about a week and we all had many different designs/colors. We also had to learn how to use the program before even started this project. We learned lots of different ways to make objects and use tools in this program. This helped us measure types of pieces of wood and using a ruler. The color your kitchen assignment helped us by using measuring skills and tools to complete this project.

Wind Turbine

In the Wind Turbine unit we learned how to record our wind speeds by using a anemometer. This project took one class period and after we measured the wind speed for each length, we had to fill out a chart that showed our information. We also learned how different lengths from the fan affected how fast the wind turbine's wind speed went. For example, if the wind turbine was the closest it could be to the fan, the wind speed went up really high. However, if the wind turbine was at the farthest it could be, the wind speed went down.

Wooden Towers
Wooden Tower

This was Alex and I's wood tower that we had made. We made this over the course of 3 weeks and it was the most challenging one by far. We took lots of time and effort to make our tower really good. This was also our most recent project.

Engineering Go For It

In the Engineering Go For It, we looked at a presentation, which showed us different types of inventions that can help our environment be more safe and successful. We saw many examples, including elevators, bridges and buildings. Additionally, we learned how these these inventions where created, who invented these things, and how these things affect the environment positively. Furthermore, we saw how elevators used to work in the past, and how they have improved tremendously as time passed. Finally, we noticed how the better the inventions work, the easier it is to use them.

Billions in change

In the Billions in Change Video, we learned that around the world there is different technology that impacts the way people live. For example, a new piece of technology is the Free Electric bike in India. This new piece of technology can power a house, a classroom, help activities, and or increase productivity. Also, students who live in India can have a better health, play outside more, and then still do their homework because of the Free Electric bike (which produces light). The Free Electric bike is one resource that the Billions in Change have created and shown in the video. This video teaches me that the world with electricity is much easier living in than a world without it.

Summarize The Semester

Over the semester, we learned many things that can affect the environment positively. Many activities we accomplished made me understand how different life would be without technology. All these activities connect to each other because they teach us how to either find solutions and or prepare us for the future.


Created with images by olgaberrios - "puzzle" • qimono - "measurement millimeter centimeter" • brad.coy - "500 Landsdale - Sherwood Forest" • robef - "Wind Turbine" • Nithi clicks - "Low angle of The Eiffel Tower" • Pixies - "technology keyboard computing"

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