Prism Jerry Onwubiko

Cause: The society has always been failing. It is part of an alternate universe , but the characters were too naive to notice. A car accident caused by a thunderstorm during a commute to a field trip caused their realization Effect: The characters had to live in this world until they could find a way out
Technology: The technology is partially the same as our world. They are a little more advanced due to ways to get rid of dying people and electronic jail. That society lacks medical technology due to the non-belief of illness and medications.
Economy: The economy remained the same. GDP of $2.496 trillion GDP Per Capita of $63,763 (economy of California). All the agriculture remained the same. The goods and services were changed due to the lack of hospitals, clinic, drugstores, e.t.c
Government: The government was bureaucratic. It was run by officials that made all the decisions for the citizens. They decided who would go to jail. They decided what to do with all the disease-ridden people who roamed the streets. They basically ran people's lives for them.
Jobs: Jobs lacked medical professions. There were no doctors, nurses, physicians. When people died, there was a clean-up crew. The rode in a white- sirenless van, wore white hazmat suits, and just disposed of the body liked it was an old toy. This society also had more drug dealers. People were bound to get sick, so drug dealers would have to sneak in medicine from the real world such as tylenol and ibuprofen to ensure people got cured.
Society: There are the rich people and the people on the verge of either poverty or death. There were no middle class citizens. If you were diseased, you were immediately an outcast and sent to live in the no-man-zone where you could live in pain and sorrow until the cleanup crew ended your suffering.


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