Portrait Assignments By izza Khalid

Self-Portrait Assignment


Chosen Painting:

I chose this painting, because it displays gracefulness. Also, the flowers add to the calm atmosphere created by the artist and the overall expression, unlike many of the other paintings, appears to be more genuine and good-natured. Furthermore, I like the clothing and the accessories that the subject is wearing, as the hat, ribbons and overall dress give it a very pleasant touch. Plus, the colour scheme emphasizes a feeling of peace.

Chosen Pictures:

For this assignment, I chose a tunnel of flowers and lanterns, as both highlight a tranquil environment and, as an individual, I am very fond of the idea of being at peace. To add to that, I admire flowers, and their different shapes and colours, as well as going on long journeys. Also, flowers are very important to me, as they are an inspiration-of-sorts for my poetry and artwork. Likewise, lanterns, and other various subjects (e.g. stars, fireflies etc.), assist me in creating my expressive pieces. To add to that, the brooch was included in order to convey my passion for art, as art is very important to me.

Final product without a background:

Before adding the background, I decided to add my face to the painting and distort the features, so as to blend the characteristics and create a product that implied more to me and therefore seemed a little more original (whilst still being loyal to the main components of the authentic painting).

with the background:

final product with a brooch:


Once the background was added, I abstracted the flowers and blurred the lanterns in order to give more focus to the subject. Also, the abstraction caused the images to blend better and the lanterns nicely accompanied and highlighted the calmness of the painting.

Additionally, my inspiration came from surfing the web, from where I found several photos of paintings, and from my art class; in art class, during the same time this project was on-going, we were completing our project based on abstraction.

Furthermore, in the initial stages of the project, I experienced many design problems and therefore had to restart several times before creating the final product; I had to revisit various videos in order to overcome the difficulties. Plus, it was hard getting the face to match to the body.

Also, I am almost satisfied by how this painting turned out, as the work still retains the essence of the original painting and the colour schemes, as well as the soft texture, add to the peacefulness of the setting and the subject.

Moreover, to improve I could find a way to keep the initial texture of the painting and perhaps attempt to create a piece which looks more authentic yet loyal to my own style.

Surreal Self-Portrait Assignment


For my research, I decided to find pictures which emphasized nature and simple designs and which directed their focus towards the subject.


The initial sketches had been inspired by the research and my own thoughts; I attempted to make the illustrations uncomplicated, with only a few elements.


The rough sketches incorporated more details, with many of the parts being taken from nature and previous drawings.


I drew an outline of the major components I wanted in the final piece, making sure that this illustration was not detailed in order to provide room for further exploration.

the original picture:

This picture was chosen, as the face is fully visible, with the features not being hidden by glasses or hair.

Components used to create the final image:

Most of the images were found without a background, as it would make the entire process more easy and more quick. Furthermore, the background image was found from a Pakistani clothing website; I really liked the sari so I made a decision to include it into the final piece.

Final image:


The final piece involves most of the previous ideas, with a Pegasus, butterflies and sparkles added to make it seem dream-like. Also, I really admired the details on the dress and therefore decided to show the sari.

At first, it was going to be a serious portrait, but in the end I made it more playful, as most of my artwork and poetry is very dark and therefore I wanted to introduce something different into my piece.

To add to that, I had many design problems as it was a challenge to find the correct vector images and make everything blend together. Plus, I had to restart multiple times, but with the help from the opinions of family members and friends I chose to keep putting effort into the portrait above. Furthermore, I had to search online and watch various videos in order to improve.

Moreover, I really like the way this portrait has turned out and although it seems rather girly, It portrays a side of me which is often not expressed. Also, I really love the hair and the elegant and some-what flamboyant environment created by this piece.

As well as that, I could improve by finding a way to blend the skin tones and parts of the body better, as well as giving attention to the whole colour scheme and making sure that my time is managed throughout the entire project.

Traditional Photo Portraits


For the first portrait, side-lighting was chosen with the subject offering a slight smile; the lighting provides details on the subject's physical structure and the lighting compliments her smile. For the second portrait, light was projected from the top-right and this gave her face a soft texture. For the last portrait, the light was projected from the side with the subject facing forward and this gave her features a soft look. Overall, each portrait created a calm atmosphere, with both subject's personalities being peaceful ones too.

Also, Mr. Steve taught us a range of techniques (e.g. lighting techniques etc.) that would greatly improve our photography skills. Also, Mr. Steve taught us that confidence and determination will help you to succeed and achieve your seemingly impossible aspirations.

Additionally, I could improve by managing my time. Also, I could be more social in order to be able to take more natural pictures, with the subject in their comfort zone. Plus, I could do research before-hand and be prepared when the time arrives to take the photo.


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