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Social Hardware is a technology company born out of an Indo-UK partnership
Social Hardware works with global organisations to innovate products
Impacted more than 100 lives with our design patents making Industry 4.0 a success!

Social Hardware launches Social STEM: [आत्मानिर्भर]

“Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” – Thomas Dewar

We are providing knowledge of product development for success in 4.0 Industry
Social STEM builds & amplify Engineering skills with our own Industry 4.0 projects
Groom yourself for the next DECADE in your college years with Social STEM!
Master the Industrial acumen and upgrade yourself as an Employee!

Turn into a talented employee or entrepreneur

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"An Engineer deserves an engineering growth"


Kickstart your learning portfolio by Engineering Bionic Hand

Step by Step Learning with Elite Experts

30+ weeks of Learning

10+ Lessons / 50+ Topics

CAD Engineering

Industrial Electronics


Product Development

Mechatronics / Robotics

Interact with Celebrity Innovators - Designers

Fall Batch

Understand Generative Design & Subtractive Manufacturing

Learn how we used AI-algorithm to develop a functional modular wrist

Build your knowledge about developing wearable device and IoT implementation

Learn engineering through Wearable device for Physiotherapy patients

25+ Weeks of Learning

10+ Lessons

30+ Topics

Product Design

Subtractive Manufacturing

Sensor Engineering

Analogue Electronics

3D Scanning

Learn Generative Design from Autodesk Expert

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