Did someone say FitBit? The advantages of having a fitbit to stay looking your best

Throughout the day, your FitBit will be able to tell you the fitness progress you have made just by doing daily activities!

Fitbit was founded in 2007 by two men named James Park and Eric Friedman. The idea of a Fitbit steamed from these two gentlemen recognizing the opportunities there would be by using tiny sensors in wearable devices. The Fitbit can be worn around the wrist like a watch and can be used to track things such as your heart rate and the amount of steps you take from day to day. In today's society, the Fitbit has encouraged people all over the world to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The Fitbit can be purchased at any local department store.

The fitbit has been used to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle just by wearing a simple wristband. For example, there has been numerous success stories on people who have lost weight. According to an article written by Brittany Norton (2016,1), there are ten main advantages of having a fitbit. These benefits include, tracking steps and heart rate, monitoring water and food intake, hourly activity, sleep and exercise. The article also mentions how easy and convenient having the fitbit as a watch accessory. Check out the original article by navigating this link... http://collegeismylife.com/britany-norton/10-benefits-wearing-fitbit/

You can even see what your friends are up to on fitbit!

Fitbit has a way that people can interact with your friends and see what their progress on Fitbit. Friends on Fitbit can see who ranks the highest bases on a seven day total of walking.

Fitbit comes in numerous colors.

Fitbit has shaped society into a healthier community. This technology addresses the problems of people being unaware of the physical activity they do day-to-day. Most people are shocked when they see how many steps or calories they have burned just by doing normal activities. According to an article by The Odyssey (2016,2), more people are setting health goals because of the fitbit. People are competing with themselves to better their health. There are still problems surrounding the tiny wristlet. Some of these problems include the accuracy of the steps and the fitbit GPS being in accurate. There have been reports that there are glitches with the technology that will add steps that you did not take or be unaware of your location. It has also been said that the Fitbit can be on the expensive side.

So small, so easy!

The fitbit has been a great technology addition. It is the fastest way to a healthier lifestyle! Get one today!

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