Famous Photographers Danny Clinch (1964-now)

Photography Style

Portraits of Musicians

Eddie Vedder by Danny Clinch

Special Techniques

  • Rule of thirds
  • Fill the frame
  • Eliminate distractions

Who Does He Work For?

  • His career Began by interning for Annie Leibovitz
  • Clinch is the official photographer for the Tibetan Freedom concerts
  • Clinch worked for Steven Meisel

Type of Camera

Danny Clinch has a wide variety of cameras including: a Hasselblad, half frame cameras, a Widelux camera, a Leica M and more, but his “classic pull and peel” Konica Instant Press holds a special place in his camera collection.

Early Influences

Annie Leibovitz is one of Danny's biggest influences, but he was also influenced by Steven Meisel

Interesting Stories

in an interview with "The Moment" Clinch shares this story, "I’m from New Jersey and a big Bruce Springsteen fan. He was about to get the E Street Band back together so I sent him and his art director my book “Discovery Inn.” So on that day my phone rings and it was Jeff Rosen, Dylan’s manager, and he said, “I hear you are the man to shoot Bob Dylan!” and I was like “uhhh… yeah!” The same day I go to MTV for another project and I’m telling everyone at the meeting my Dylan story and then my phone rings. I swear to god, like clockwork, it was Springsteen’s art director saying she had gotten the book and was really excited and wanted me to come down and shoot some photos."

What I Like

I like that clinch photographs musicians. I also like how his photos are mainly black and white, but how tastefully it is done. I think it's amazing how many famous musicians he was able to photograph.

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