My project is going to focus on Bauhaus. It includes, origins, design features and materials commonly used.

Bauhaus architecture emerged in the 1960s to counter the lack of modern building that were being designed. It was founded in Germany by Walter Gropius and the term Bauhaus, literally means construction house. The main purpose of this style was developed so that it was more functionality than aesthetics. Bauhaus mostly finished when the artists and the designers that lead the style were exiled or fled from the nazi regime.

This type of design uses geometric shapes and doesn't use many different colours. The main ones that were used are the primary colours. This is what gave Bauhaus desingns their style. However, this wasn't just limited to architecture and this type of design was applied to many different things such as tables chairs and even bikes.

For Bauhaus architecture, the main building materials were concrete and glass. They are made up of geometric shapes and only use the primary colours. This makes the buildings very simple and more practical. I think that this type of design is very interesting because of it's take on architecture, but I think that there should be a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Also the geometric shapes, to me, quite boring and predictable. I think that it should be more interesting and have complex shapes or designs.

The aim of the Bauhaus design was to make things simple and more practical than other types of buildings. The designers also want the things made in this design to be easily mass produced. I think that for its aims, it achieved what it wanted to because things like chairs could be easily mass produced There was also an attempt to make bauhaus design which would be suitable for all cultures and countries.

Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius Developed this style along with many other designers and architects. He created a Bauhaus school and this ran from 1919 to 1933. This was a founding style to modern architecture and design. Walter Gropius was a german designer. This style of building and design came out of the WWI when old designs went with the old regimes that collapsed after the war finished.

He was born in Germany and went to Munich to study architecture from 1903-4. He then went to Berlin to work in an office designing buildings. He then saw military service in 1905 and when he came back, he started to actually be there while his designs were being implemented rather than just the design aspect. He then travelled Europe. This probably was to look at the design styles of the time and to also give him inspiration for his builds.

At the start of the war, he joined as a Calvary officer and served on the western front. During 1915 he was injured for which he was given the iron cross for bravery and had to retire from active duty. After the war, he married and went back into architecture.

Impacts of Bauhaus architecture

Following the demise of Bauhaus architecture it has gone on to influence many countries and cultures. These include the Western Europe and other countries such as Canada the United States and Israel. In 2004 tel aviv was made a world heritage site by the UN because of the influences of Bauhaus architecture. In this area, over 4000 Bauhaus buildings were designed and built. This can give you some idea of the influence this style has had on the area that it went to.

Building designs

I don't like this building because I don't like the way that it is designed with the stilts that the building is rested on. Also, I think that the use of geometric shapes makes the building predictable and boring. I would change the design so it was more interesting.

Another bauhaus design

The Bauhaus style also extends to other types of products other than architecture. There were also other Bauhaus designs like chess sets which imploys the use of functionality. There are chess sets that have been designed in the Bauhaus style.

I like the chess set because like other Bauhaus designs, it has functionality , but to me, it also has aesthetics which makes it a very good design. With the Bauhaus style, this set can be easily mass produced. Just like the architecture, these designs have geometric shapes and are aren't made with complex design.

I think that this is also good because it is a modern take on an old game so it reinvents it. I also think that the design and thought that has gone into this to make the different pieces and the board. To some people, it might not like it because of its strange because of its design. This means that they might see it as a retro design and now, outdated

One flaw with this might be that people might not understand which piece is which so it would take getting use to because of the Bauhaus design

Bauhaus furniture also follows the main design ideas. This chair is made of leather and metal, which can easily be replicated and mass produced. I think that this chair is practical but I don't really like its design because it looks uncomfortable and is a strange design. I think it is a strange design because the main part of the chair is put in the middle of the frame that supports it so it looks strange and almost fragile.

Overall, I think that Bauhaus design is very interesting, but I think that some designs of products need to get more of a balance between aesthetics and functionality, even though this is the main idea of Bauhaus, because items might not sell if people don't like the look of them.

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