Journey Log 9 Alex Clark-Clark_13-Builder

Habits Used: Responsibility

During class last week, I began to second guess my decision to be a Guild Leader for the Technical Manual. I tried to rationalize to myself that I had too much work to do, which is still true, and that I couldn't be responsible for everyone doing their individual parts. However, after I contacted Chris about this, I found myself playing video games that night.

At this point I decided I needed to be responsible for my decision to be a leader. After getting a few things clarified, I figured out what needed to be done. I worked with Heather to get the group motivated in order to get their parts done. While I am not satisfied with how much work has been done, I have done just about what I can with those who aren't going to participate. If they aren't going to do the work, why waste my precious time asking them time and time again to get it done.

This shows a leader speaking to his people.
The leader tries to give certain orders from his mountain of wisdom.
While they stand in the dirt not caring about what is going on.
In the end, everyone follows what is asked.


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