Learning is a big part of our lives and especially succeeding in school. There are five steps that help save the lessons that were learned in each class.

Preview: This is the first step to obtaining all the knowledge in the classroom. Even if you do not know what the notes are talking about, it is helpful to look over the ideas that you will be learning in class because it helps you stay focus and learn it better.

Attend: This is the second step. If you go to class, even if you do not write notes or listen, you will learn a lot more than you think.

Review: You are supposed to review the material within 24 hours of learning it to keep it fresh in your mind. Without doing this, you can lose a lot of the information obtained and coming test time it will be a lot harder to study and make a good grade.

Study: Coming from personal experience, I feel like this is the hardest one for a lot of people. High school was so easy compared to college. Once you find the studying habits that work for you, college gets a lot better. You should also know how to do intense study secession vs. short study secession. Also, it is important to know when to take breaks. Your mind needs time off to soak in all the information.

Assess: This is a great part of The Study Cycle because it ask real questions about our studying habits and it shows if we really know the material

This is a new study method that I have heard many good things about. This really helped me with my grades. When I was doing the test, I could picture myself looking at the flashcards and I got a lot more answers right using this method. I am really glad I tried this. My grade from my last test went up 15 points. I used this method about 2 hours each day leading up to the day of my exam. I made these note cards two weeks before the test and will use them for the final. I made two piles where one was what I knew and the other was what I did not know. I studied them until I could organize them where I knew all of them. I saw a big difference from before and after using notecards because I could remember so much more on the exam.
This is my self-test. I really liked doing this because it gave me an opportunity to time myself like this was the actual test. I actually got an A on the real test, so I am super proud of that! This was my favorite method to use because I saw the most results. I used this method for about 3 hours per day leading up to the day of exam. I started using the math self-test one week before my final. I will keep all these test so I can do it again before the final.
I did not like this method. I felt like it did not help me so I did not use this but for like an hour. My grades stayed the same so I did not see any results. I am glad I did this though because it showed me what worked and what did not. I would try an audio version of a self-test and maybe that would help me learn this material better because this did not help me at all. I heard that hearing it after lecture can help you learn it better.

Reflection: I am so glad i did this assignment and actually tried to see what methods worked for me. I found out what I did not like and also what I did. This really helped me with my grades and I am excited to see what grades I will get next using these methods.


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