6 Kingdoms of Living Things By: chase barrix

Archaebacteria has extrem prokaryotes eukaryote unicellular illetrotroph autotrophic not move can move

Eubacteria has prokaryotes unicellular heterotrophic autotrophic not move can move

Protista has unicellular eukaryote heterotrophic autotrophic not move can move

Fungi has eukaryote unicellular multicellular heterotrophic not move

Plantae has eukaryote multicellular autotrophic not move

Animalia has eukaryote multicellular heterotrophic not move canmove


Created with images by lishilton - "yellowstone hot springs usa" • eLife - the journal - "Bacteria infect tissues using ‘chemical harpoons’" • James St. John - "Dendrogyra cylindrus (pillar coral) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 1" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Fungus" • GLady - "zinnia red flower" • sarangib - "blackbuck antelope wild"

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