Westworld Manual The gamers paradise

Welcome to the gamers world paradise designed by the esteemed Dr. Robert Ford.
The Official Gamers Manual
Follow the path of Westworld as the villain MiB [Man-in-Black] or as MiW [Man-in-White]
Ladies, maybe you want to play the maiden in distress? If not, indulge yourself as an outlaw or whatever entices your fantasy.
Seek the unknown
Which ever YOU choose be sure to look for hidden worlds [otherwise known as crates] along your voyage for the Truth.
This Manual may have hidden clues.
To further your quest in this game, be sure to read for clues, hidden advantages or an upgrade in weapons.
Click on the details to further your quest, but be careful not to get burnt.
If you fail during your quest...YOU may have to start from the beginning.
Pay close attention to your HOST...
We are here to help YOU on your quest to the truth
Your Journey is about to begin...
But before you go read for clues in this Manual.
Dr Ford welcomes YOU as a guest to explore our New Westworld

Fine Print : In using this Manual you agree to the terms. Cost of the Park's use is $40,000 US per day. There are no refunds. All guests are subject to a worldly tax and daily resort costs. All HOSTS are for your disposal and may be used under your sole digression. We can not be held responsible for malfunctions, if they do exist. Malfunctions do not render the guest for a refund. Our hosts are grade A robotics Androids with all the functions of any human. In fact, Dr Ford spared no expense to prefect his robots. Your hosts may present hostility towards YOU, but not to worry...our hosts can not kill you.

Come back often as clues are added after each new episode
We hope you enjoy your stay...

Details : Westworld is a science fiction thriller TV series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for HBO. It's based on the 1973 film WESTWORLD written and directed by Michael Crichton.

Main Starring Actors : Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, Ben Barnes, Shannon Woodward, Rodrigo Santoro, Luke Hemsworth, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Angela Sarafyan.

Created by Bari Demers

This make belief Gamers Manual is the imagination of Bari Demers. Bari Demers is a screenwriter and freelance writer. His interest with Westworld is due to the fact he saw the original WESTWORLD film back in 1973 and is impressed with the new TV Series - Westworld.

Bari's other main goal is production and marketing of his science fiction horror screenplay BLACK ANGELS.

"Pride had cast him down...O to Sacred Earth... A Black Evil has spread across the Lands...O to the horrors of Earth."

A science-fiction horror genre based on the arrival of our Ancestors and how it changed mankind forever.

Thank you for participating in the fun I had in making this Westworld Manual. Executives Producers Jonathan Nolan, his wife Lisa Joy and J. J. Abrams must be ecstatic with the growing success of the new Westworld - congratulations!

Some of the photos are courtesy of ESO - Click on link below for outstanding artwork

MiB,” … I think there’s a deeper meaning, hiding under all that, something a person who created it, wanted to express…something true.”
May the Truth be told...
Created By
Bari Demers


Fun Westworld Manuel is the imagination of screenwriter Bari Demers. Photo Credits: ESO and Bari Demers Westworld TV Series is by HBO

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