Augite tyrike

colors:The Augite colors are Green, grayish-green, greenish brown, dark brown, and black.

Streak: light green to colorless.

Hardness: 5 - 6

Luster: Vitreous, dull

Cleavage; 1,2 - prismatic at cleavage angles of 87º and 93º may also exhibit parting in one direction.

Fracture: is Uneven to splintery.

The diamond is on the top of the scale, with the rating of 10, talc is the softness, with a rating of 1. A mineral of a given hardness will scratch a mineral a harder number. Corundum is another hard mineral with a rating of 9. And gypsum is the 2nd rating to the softest mineral.

Augite occurrences are in the Italian volcanoes at Vesuvius (Monte Somma), Stromboli, Etna, and Lazio.Also in Italy is the Val D'FassI

Interesting facts: Augite is a rock-forming mineral that is most often found in igneous rocks like diorite. Augite is a mineral that has been found beyond the planet Earth. agite has also been found in metamorphic rocks that have been formed under the high temperatures. Augite does not have any physical, optical, or chemical properties that make it especially useful.

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Created with images by PeteLinforth - "mountain range panorama landscape" • James St. John - "Chelyabinsk Meteorite (impact-brecciated LL5 ordinary chondrite) (4.452-4.538 Ga; impacted 15 February 2013 in the Chelyabinsk area, southern Russia) 2" • James St. John - "Shergottite (Martian peridotite) (Northwest Africa 2373 Meteorite) (185 Ma)" • James St. John - "Olivine diabase (Silver Creek Cliff Sill, Proterozoic; Silver Creek Cliff, northeastern Minnesota, USA) 7" • James St. John - "Hyalite opal on vesicular porphyritic leucite tephrite (Doupov Volcanic Complex, Oligocene to Lower Miocene; hills of the Doupov Mountains, north or west of Valec (Waltsch), northwestern Bohemia) 2"

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