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I'm Aundrea. I'm goofy, I'm weird, and I'm passionate about the things I love: Jesus, music, laughter, family, love, cheese, and the Office.

My heart for photography lies in weddings, individual portraits, + missions documentation. My desire is to travel the globe photographing couples that are in love, individuals, + most importantly, bringing light to issues, telling people's stories, and spreading the word about various missions efforts in America and other countries with photography and film making.

I'm an old soul in a lot of ways. I love music from the 30s and 40s, handwritten letters, + printed photographs. There's just a different type of romance that lies in those things + I want to help the world hold onto that sweetness a little longer. I'm not looking to snap a picture of you perfectly posed + smiling at the camera to hang above your fireplace. I'm looking to photograph your stories in it's entirety. All the in between moments + mishaps. Photographs you lay out in a photo album that sits on a shelf or coffee table. Photographs you pull out year after year with your children + eventual grandchildren, telling the stories of your life. How you and your spouse met. The story of when you accomplished an amazing goal. The story of the transitions in your life.

Emotion. Documentation. Legacy.

Because we'll never live these moments again.

Your wedding can help others

I have big dreams and a vision for the direction I want to take my life and business in 2018. It will involve two sides of my business: for profit and non-profit. The idea is to build the for-profit side (weddings, portraits, commercial/marketing work for businesses) to fund the non-profit side.

I have a few goals on the non-profit side:

  • Help spread the word about the good efforts being made locally and globally by small businesses, churches, missions, organizations, non-profits, and individuals. Good news is the best news!
  • Tell people’s stories – the poor, homeless, + broken; the leaders, world changers, + do gooders
  • Show people other cultures around the world. Bring light to their issues while sharing hope that we can help change it. Even to simply make people aware that we all don’t live the cozy, safe, American dream. That we make look different, speak different, and live different, but in that, there's so much beauty. To help people fall in love with others like Jesus loves.

I am actively planning and working towards cutting my monthly cost of living and building up paid jobs so I can give back. Your wedding isn't being used to add to my collection of material things. It's putting food on my little table, keeping the lights on around here, and helping fund projects that in some way are making a difference in the world.

January 2018 will launch the beginning of living this out. I have a few projects lined up where I am donating my time, talents, and money earned from previous clients to give back to those making good efforts. If you'd like to be kept in the loop on these projects, follow along on my Instagram and Facebook pages where I'll be announcing more info in January! If you love my work and want your wedding to help fund good things, read on for pricing and how to book!


ELOPEMENT // $800 // This includes 2 hours of photographer's time. Final, edited photo gallery will be delivered digitally within 4-6 weeks with the ability to purchase additional prints + share photos online.

PACKAGE A // $1,425 // This package includes up to 4 hours of photographer's time. Final, edited photo gallery will be delivered digitally within 4-6 weeks with the ability to purchase prints + share photos online.

PACKAGE B // $1,775 // This package includes up to 6 hours of photographers' time and a second shooter. Final, edited photo gallery will be delivered digitally within 4-6 weeks with the ability to purchase additional prints + share photos online.

**Prices are subject to change at any time. The current rate will be honored regardless of any potential price change by booking (paid non-refundable retainer fee + signed contract).


EXTRA COVERAGE // $425 per hour



*includes travel within a 30 minute radius of Savannah, Georgia.


3-5 MINUTE VIDEO HIGHLIGHT // $350, plus cost of music licensing (varies based on length of video and song choice)


I'm glad you asked! All weddings require at least a 25% non-refundable retainer fee, paid at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be due 1 month before your wedding. All weddings also require you to sign a contract at time of booking. Once you and I confirm that your desired date is available, you just need to sign the contract and send your payment. Once both are received, I will block off that date for you and you'll be officially booked!

When you're ready to book, shoot me an email and I will send you the contract and info about payment! I do accept 4 forms of payment: cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal.

I look forward to photographing you and documenting this moment in your life!

CONTACT INFO: www.aundreapye.com hello@aundreapye.com


Aundrea Renae

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