A Dark Place Isaiah patten & terrell lawrence


Young Panther

Just outside a big city - Vallejo, California - lies the small town of Benicia. When you look up there's a darkness amongst the clouds and rain sprinkles on your face. You might feel a sense of absence compared to the typical sunny blue sky. In parking lots, streets, and along the sidewalks you see cracks and hear water running down the sewage. The grass is fairly green and while some trees stand tall some bend over forming shapes of giant figures. At night there's a cool breeze and the moon’s light shines bright.

The majority of Benicia’s ethnic background is white (Caucasian) and it seems as if every new face attracts attention to the town’s people. When I first moved to Benicia, California My step-mom, siblings, and I were pulled over while driving into our new apartment complex. The officer approached our car and started shining his flashlight inside our faces as if we did something wrong. My step-mom was surprised and asked the officer, “ Did I do something wrong?” The officer replied anxiously “ No! ” After those words were exchanged the officer walked away aggravated. My step-mom felt insulted but kept her cool. Two deep breath takes later and she was fine.

The town’s people are friendly but you still get the feeling of uncertainty when you turn your back. Inside the school whispers travel through the walls that gives you chills. Being a person of color in this town seems to place stereotypical views on African American people. Inside certain classrooms teachers get shocked that you complete your work, administration checking your grades “just to see how you're doing.” Even being searched by the police because of the outfit that you wear.

STORY: Once upon a time in a far far away place-- Benicia-- lied the most corrupt community. People of color would always be looked down upon or mistreated by the towns people. Even the police would look down upon colored people, showing no type of respect to human rights. Young teenagers of colored decent would get mistreated in school due to stereotypical views. The very things like getting yelled at for looking at certain people, even greeting people. All an African American , male or female ever wanted was to feel accepted in the very place he or she lives.

METAPHOR: Benicia is like a game of chess you never know what to expect.


Created with images by Namdung9x - "candles dark light" • pasa47 - "Black Power Fist in Bamberg" • harutmovsisyan - "city people street" • rockindave1 - "Chess"

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