3-Breath System Reboot Learning objective 3

Test: Calculus

Test time: 6 pm

Test location: Martin M201

Mental State: Slightly nervous, mostly clear and focused

Arrival time: 5:45

Room Conditions: Slightly cold, three big windows, white walls, one large white board, 5 circular desks, 4-5 people per desk.

Preparation: One hour studying notes three days before. 15 minutes studying notes, 45 minutes of practice problems two days before. 3 hours of practice problems the day before.

Grade: 79

Thoughts: This experiment was not especially helpful as I was not especially nervous nor flustered. I noticed that even before the allotted breathing times I would frequently adjust my posture and take short breathing breaks anyway. Because of this, the long breathing breaks did not feel substantial. I am fairly good at remaining calm and collected, so the breathing exercise did not make me feel much different.


Experiment: During my next exam, start with the hardest questions and then do the easy ones

Exam: Organic Chem 2

Grade: 87.5 (without bonus)

Reflection: This was a difficult experiment to do. My strategy has always been to just do the questions in order and skip any difficult questions, so doing the opposite took some willpower. It was a slight relief when I was done with all the difficult questions, but this experiment stressed me out more than anything because there were questions I skipped that I knew I could do. My focus waned a little on the later difficult questions because I kept thinking about how to solve the easy questions that I skipped and could see on the page. The grade I made on this exam was lower than the one before, so my original method worked better for me.


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