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Twin alien sisters looking for a planet to start a new world. Their journey was momentarily delayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Risograph, 10.25" X 7.5", edition of 50, 2017

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People of Oakland

A collection of portrait sketches I kept when I first arrived in Oakland in 2014. Oakland is full of interesting characters, and I never got tired of staring at them. Screenprint, 5" X 7", edition of 100, 2017


Following the death of my father in 2016, I've traveled to my childhood home in Japan often to organize my parents' material possessions. Digging through boxes of old photographs, letters, drawings, clothes, toys, and other remnants from the past, I compiled a huge collection of visual and story archive of my childhood. Ever since, I've been slowly collaging together the images and stories from the archive to make sense of the loss, the past, and what it means to be a grown-up. Screenprint, 5" X 7", edition of 50, 2017


Inspired by the music My Favorite Things from the movie Sound of Music. The year 2016 was a rough year, and this tune was spinning around in my head often. Risograph, 5" X 7", edition of 50, 2016


A personal rant about a neighborhood kid who sold me an expensive cup of "artisanal" lemonade. Letterpress, 5" X 7", edition of 30, 2015

a list of don'ts for women on bicycles

A mini zine about the weird 19th-century list of things that women on bicycles should not do. Letterpress, 5" X 7", edition of 40, 2015

field notes: finland

An illustrated collection of haiku poems that I composed while spending the summer in Finland. Letterpress and linocut, 5" X 7", edition of 20, 2014


somewhere, sometime

An ongoing series of screenprints based on the visual and story archive of my childhood that I've compiled over the past few yeas. Screenprint, 9" X 12", edition of 15, 2016 - present.

snail mail forever

I am an avid collector and maker of postcards. I keep correspondence with many of my friends using postcards and letters. Screenprint and letterpress, 5" X 7" or 4" X 6", 2014 - present.

These postcards were used as a part of the installation I did at the Graphic Arts Biennale, Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2017.
Postcards designed to overwhelm recipients with Japanese cuteness.
A series of postcards promoting proper bicycle etiquette.

work in progress

ohayo ohio

A book containing a tale of quilts and unfulfilled dreams. Screenprint, 5 X 7 in.

what are little girls made of?

A re-adaptation of the popular 19th century nursery rhyme What are Little Boys Made of? Digital print with letterpress cover, 5" X 7".

who is asuka ohsawa?

Asuka Ohsawa is an artist / printmaker / bookmaker / pie baker based in Oakland, California. She teaches printmaking at San Francisco Art Institute. For additional information, please seeĀ www.asukaohsawa.com or feel free to email at asukabunny@gmail.com.

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Asuka Ohsawa

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