Addison James artist at work

Final Project- Advanced Drawing

This project was meant to reflect the emotions I struggle to project to others. I used other people as references to stand in place of myself. I asked them to emote everything from frustration to feelings of accomplishment. I decided after trying to paint on a larger surface with oils, that the best thing for this project (and for my own sanity) was to scale down. I wanted each piece to reflect fragility, vulnerability, and act as if they were aware that they were on display. I loved how the "t" pins worked to my advantage, because they look like specimens pinned to the wall. Each drawing (except one) is drawn onto acetate/plastic and then positioned over a toned paper. They are arranged by "character", six drawings done of a different person. The reason the drawings are layered on top of one another is to emphasize the double lives I have lived and the process of me trying to place two different people together inside of myself.

Overall this project explains the personal struggle I have of expressing my emotions not only to others, but also to myself. The goal was to recognize and exploit my own awkwardness of the conflict within myself.

Individual Photos
Display in Kimball Arts Atrium

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