TheNever ending curse of Rosemary By Chenoa Hill

When making a monster we need to have an idea of what it looks like. What will it do and how? What is a monster? A monster has to move, you can make it move with animatronics. Animatronics is used to make lifelike robots controlled by you, all you have to do is program the monster.
There was once a young girl named rosemary. She was once a sweet girl until she turned 10. For her 10th birthday she receives a necklace from her grandma. The necklace was beautiful with the last rose petal in it, her grandma told her to guard it with her life and that it was very special and that there was only 1 in the whole world. Rosemary loved that necklace, she never let it go... ever. One day when she was at school, the school bullies saw her treasuring that necklace. They came over to her, snatched the necklace out of her hands and yelled, "What's this, you little nerd!" She looked up, "Give it back, give it back now!" She shouted. "Or what?" They asked. As she got up, they smashed the necklace on the ground and started laughing. They tell her to buy a new one. Rosemary picked up the rose petal and taped it to her heart. At that moment Rosemary became someone else, someone darker, someone careless. Everyday, every hour and every minute evil grew all through her body. It was the rose petal, as the rose petal died, so did her nice, caring soul. Her parents thought she was becoming a psycho. Rosemary started cutting her teddys, even er favourite doll. Rosemary had a beautiful doll, it was her favourite thing in her whole bedroom, but that didn't stop her from turning it evil. Rosemary never stopped, so her parents sent her to an asylum. She was so mad! Every night she stared at her doll and prayed, "I wish I could become like you," she repeated over and over again. She noticed the doll starting to become a spirit each night. It called for her, "rosemary, rooosemary, come to me," it echoed.
If you search up a monster on google there are two different definitions. One definition saying, "a large, ugly and imaginary creature." This is the stereotype of a monster. Does this mean a monster can't be small, it can't be pretty and it can't be real? The other definition saying, "an inhumanly wicked or cruel person." Does this mean it can't be an animal? Monsters are very stereotyped by all different people, it all depends on what scares you and what doesn't. My definition of a monster is, a thing that is cruel to another one. A thing might look scary and have sharp teeth but that doesn't make it a monster. It is made a monster by what actions it does. If a thing purposely tries to scare another, that is a monster as they are purposely doing it. Whereas an 'evil looking' thing may not mean to scare someone at all, they just look scary.
Visualising a monster depends on what the mind is scared of. What are you scared of? What do you consider a monster? When we visuals monster we visuals our fears. The monsters below show different monsters that many different people visual. There are monsters that are stereotyped at monsters, yet they don't even look that harmful, they haven't even done anything monsterous. Some of the monsters here have destroyed lives. That is what I visual as a monster.
Questioning is highly import because it shapes your design. Without questioning you will have no idea what your monster would look like. You have to question its look to get the perfect design. My group and I have decided what we are using and our materials because we questioned what would be best for us. We also tried many programming so that we decided on the perfect one for our design. We answered all of our questions to find our perfect design.
Babe and The Wild Things are two very famous movies that are known for there animatronics. There are animatronics used in both creatures and they both look very realistic. These animatronics very much deserved there award. There attention to detail is highly incredible. Years are spent on making these characters, so when they get an award they feel like there work has payed off.
Creativity is a key skill to have when making a monster. It gives you the ability to make many different ideas and put a part of yourself in the artwork you produce. My group and I thought of many ideas to make the perfect monster, it started of with a creepy doll. Then the name came in, which was changed several times to names such as Rosepetal, Rosetta and Rosemary, we eventually chose that Rosemary was the perfect name. Then the name created the character, giving it roses all over it. We then decided to make a necklace, which was a main feature of the doll, it shaped her character.
My team decided to produce a creepy doll named Rosemary. The doll was once a normal girl, but when she got the necklace for her birthday, everything changed. As the rose petal in the died, so did her soul, resulting in Rosemary becoming darker and darker until she became posed inside an evil doll. Before Rosemary became evil, she was very sweet, she loved her family and lived a happy life. But when she became possessed she grew dark, she began to grow hate for her family as they grew fear of her. Rosemary would star in a horror film as she is very scary and is a killing machine. Anyone she grew hate for was dead. Rosemary is very pale, she became pale as she grew darker. She was a black and red dress with roses on it. There is blood all over the dress and it has became ripped and dirty. Her hair is black and knotted with blood in it. Her shoes are black and worn out. Her face is caked with black makeup and she has white, red and black eyes, depending on her mood. To make this appearance we need to get a black dress, little fake roses, fake blood, a mini black wig, a doll, small black shoes , a jar necklace, a rose petal and some black paint. Our monster can turn it's head, laugh, her eyes can change colour. We chose to do a doll as one of my team members had a doll in her story and we thought it be a great idea to use her story and bring the doll to life.
To prototype our monster we shared all of ideas and mixed them together. We then decided which would be the best mix and had an idea of what the monster was. We changed the name many times as some didn't sound right or we did not like them. We also changed the title of the many times as some did not make sense and some sounded much more mysterious them others. We encounter barriers when deciding who was going to make the story, what materials were right, where to get these materials and what type of animatronics to use. To resolve these problems we each made a story and chose the best one, for materials we decided who would bring what and we would look at what we had a home as well to decide whether it would look good on Rosemary or not. We tested many different types of animatronics and deduced that dash and dots would be very good inside Rosemary. At the start we did not think we were going to use dash and dots, but when we used him and saw his features we decided we was perfect.
By having science knowledge, it has helped me to be able to conduct experiments and try new things until it works. By having mathematical knowledge, it has helped me to be able to measure the lengths of materials to fit over the animatronics. By having art skills it has helped me to be creative and make out monster a work of art. In STEAM I have learnt engineering and technology skills. This is making it able for me to work with the animatronics and make things with engineering and technology skills learnt in class.

Diary entries- Term 2

Thursday 11th May 2017-

Today in steam we focused on the visual features of the doll. We put the makeup all over the dolls face and made her look very scary. We also focused on the dolls miniature doll and made that look very scary as well.

Monday 15th May 2017-

Today in steam we focused on the chair that the dash and dots will be under. We need to figure out how wide the chair needs to be and how tall. We need to figure out what the chair is going to look like.

Thursday 18th May 2017-

Today in steam we focused on the dash and dot function. We went over all the programs we want out doll to do and played it over and over again, to make sure it worked. We also did the chair measurements so Mr Wai can kindly build the chair for us.

Monday 22nd May 2017-

Today in STEAM we focused on the visual features of our monster. We updated her wig, to make her have a red fringe. We also put a bandage around her leg to make her look more scary.

Monday 29th May 2017-

Today in steam we were faced with a challenge to place the seat part (top of the chair) onto the rest of chair. We had to measure the lengths of the chair to make sure the cardboard was exactly where we needed it to be. We measured the cardboard wrong a few times, but finally got it on our third attempt. It was quite difficult to complete this, as we wanted the cardboard to sit perfectly inside the chair without any gaps. To cut the cardboard we needed to use a Stanley knife. A Stanley knife is a utility knife with a short, strong replaceable blade. This type of knife is highly dangerous, as it is used to cut things that require a very sharp object, this meaning that a Stanley knife is very dangerous. As we could not handle this object on our own, we required the help of Mr Wai to cut the cardboard that we required for the top of the chair.

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