Boom To Bust By:Eric pote

In the 1920's stockbrokers invested their money in stock markets. The banks held the money that people invested, but when the depression came everyone came rushing to the banks wanting their savings. Many people who wanted their savings couldn't get it. The banks were running out of money and couldn't pay the investors so they had to close. In 1930 more than 5500 banks closed causing no one to have money.
people gathered around a closed bank. This is one of the 5500 banks that closed during the depression.
FDR signing the bank act. He closed banks temporarily and gave them money so they can reopen with enough money.. Once the banks were ready they opened and people started investing their money.
In this picture the government is helping those in need. They are giving people food and water because they can afford to buy it.
Women in the 1920's always stayed home and prepared food for their husbands.
Women in the 1920s where always expected to be at home. in the 1930's they became rebels. they were always out the house and wore clothes that showed a lot of skin.
Women in their free time they usually go to clubs with their friends and wear clothes with skin showing.
In this picture it shows a young women in a dress that shows a lot of skin. She is not at home she is at the club having a good time by singing for everyone.

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