Portraits of Santa Fe 2019 Trip Report - Tom Bol Photo Workshops

Santa Fe is a cultural crossroad......the people there are just plain interesting. This trip report highlights portraits taken with strobes and speed lights by our 2019 participants. Their results are impressive!

Portrait by Suzy

Model: Jessica

Lighting set-up: clam shell lighting in front of a 6ft soft box by Elinchrom

Portrait by Maureen

Model: Pat

Lighting set-up: Speed-light with a soft box and second background speed light with a Rogue grid.

Portrait by Ned

Model: Walt

Lighting set-up: Side strip with a grid and a background light.

Portraits by Terry (left) and Suzy (right)

Model: Dyhana

Lighting set-up: Strobe with a 20 degree grid and hair light to create a film noir style portrait.

Model: Jean the French Cowboy photographed with simple cross lighting. Portrait at left by Sherry.

Portrait by Suzy

Model: Micheal Dean Montoya

Lighting Set-Up: Speed light with a soft box set up for modified Rembrandt lighting

Portrait by Carol

We used the upper terrace at the Hotel Santa Fe to work on outdoor lighting in full sun with Theresa.

Lighting Set-Up: Six foot soft box with a large overhead scrim.

Portraits by Melissa

After two days of using lighting equipment in a controlled environment, we headed to the picturesque Picuris Pueblo to photograph local people on location.

Jerome and Jolene photographed by Carol

Dominic (right) and Jolene (below) both photographed by Sherry.

Brian and Dominic photographed with the 6 ft soft box by Elinchrom and a large shade scrim.

Portrait by Sandy
The Picuris Pueblo

Our Group

We limited our group size to ten so students would have plenty of time to shoot. Hands on practice with equipment and 10 different models helped students succeed.

Interested in learning more about using speed lights? Join us in Old Car City to create images like these:

Old Car City Dates: November 12-15, 2020


Created By
Cree Bol


2019 Santa Fe Workshop Participants