Those Phony Know-It-Alls By: Lauren Pengiel

There are those people, those intelligent, smart ass people that think they know everything. You'll be trying to have a normal conversation and all. You really will. And then they just start spitting out their knowledge, making you feel like you have a goddam inferiority complex or something like that. The other day, I was having a conversation with this one guy who’s all right. The thing about him is that he has a terrible personality. He’s madly in love with himself. He really is. He thinks that he is the best human being and all. He always talks to other people about how great he is and everything. Anyways, we were just chewing the fat, talking about our lives and all that crap, then he starts telling me how smart he is and how many hard classes he's taking. He tells me how hard his workload is like i should pity that sonuvabitch. He should see the millions of things I have to do every day. I have a thousand times more work than him, but he thinks that he is the smartest and hardest worker there is. Boy, I cannot tell you how wrong he is. He is such a phony that it hurts like hell to have a conversation with him. And he actually thinks that I enjoy talking to him. That kills me. How does someone love himself so much? And it's not only him. There are a bunch of other people like him. They think they are the greatest and know everything and all. I just can't take all these phony know-it-alls trying to make me seem dumb.

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