Kingsport LC Kickoff Meet Wrap Up Talk about a good start to the season!

Kingsport LC Meet Wrap Up

On May 5th and 6th, SMAC athletes showed up to the Kingsport Aquatic Center ready to tackle their first Long Course experience of the season. For all athletes, swimming those 50 meters straight for the first time in over a year was going to be an enlightening experience. "Where's the wall?" was a common phrase uttered over the weekend. In what seemed like an eternity since our last competition, our SMACers were fired up and ready to race.

There's something to be said for just racing hard.

We intentionally didn't make a big fuss about this meet. There's something to be said for just showing up and racing hard. We wanted to see it. Our athletes forgot about the distance. Our athletes weren't too concerned with times. The group worried about the things in their control and raced their guts out. That's how it's done. In continuing to build from where we left off last short course season, we had some incredible results to start the year. If this was your first experience in the 50m pool! Congrats! You did it! What a great starting point this was.


We want to welcome all of the swimmers from Asheville Swim Club onto our Total Time Dropped tally. We keep track of every second each swimmer drops, allowing EVERY athlete on the team, no matter the age, ability or experience with the opportunity to contribute and be recognized. There were big drops coming from the Asheville side of the 828, even a high point award winner - Woohoo JENNA COOK! From each travel meet, you'll get a wrap up that includes stats and stories that recap the weekend.

Biggest Drops and Breakout Swims

  • Caroline Bonomo: 100 BR -13.31 (-11.66%)
  • Johnny Darguzas: 200 BR -20.69 (-10.72%) (Last best time was 6/5/16!)
  • Jaden Gibson 50 Fly -14.06 (-27.17%) - High Point Award Winner- ***8 for 8 NEW CHAMPS CUTS!***
  • Luke Gonzales 200 FR -20.57 (-11.36%)
  • Maddie Hendershot 100 FR -21.89(-21.95%)
  • Nevaeh Hourani 100 BR -23.11 (-16.04%) ***New Champs Cut 50 BK!***
  • Dylan Lunsik 100 BK -15.49 (-15.17%)
  • Zack Lyle 100 BK -7.36 (-8.64%) *** New Champs Cut 100 BK***
  • Luke Mina 100 FR -1.81 (-2.54%) YES, LUKE MINA!
  • Carson Valliere 50 FR -18.16 (-31.36%) 31%!!!
  • Tucker Valliere 200 FR -8.39 (-5.54%)
  • Reagan Wilknson 200 IM -43.69 (-17.64%)
  • Issac Fishman 200 FR -19.46 (-11.48%)
  • Emily Grice 100 FR -3.32 (-3.87%)

100 Fly for the Ages

There were many enormous highlights from the meet - the 10 and Under Girls Backstroke events, the mens 100 Breaststrokes, 11-12 Girls/Boys showing up and crushing it. But this one here, what a HUGE swim. A monster. After what must have been a very inspirational trip to the movies as this guy embodied the power of the Avengers and put it all on in the line in his first ever 100 Meter Butterfly. It was two laps, down and back, how bad could it hurt? Destroying his 100 FR time by nearly 10 seconds, and putting that first ever champs cut within reach, Reagan Wilkinson dominated the heck out of that 100 Fly, hitting a lifetime best of 1:22.88 seconds. Surging to the wall with some serious kick strength, that 100 Fly was one for the ages, full of effort and energy, and an inspiring swim for the rest of the team. Thanos has nothing on that 1:22. WAY TO GO, REAGAN!


SMAC: 517.57 Seconds

ASC: 50.29 Seconds

LC 2018 TOTAL TIME DROPPED: 567.88 Seconds


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