Holes: Kiss'n Kate Barlow By: Izabel Dizon #7

Through the holes flashbacks Kate changed more than I would expect. She changed from a loving, caring schoolhouse teacher that broke the law for love to a one of the most feared outlaws in all of Texas.

How it Started

The schoolhouse was very old, and Sam the onion man told Kate that he could fix anything she wanted in exchange for her peaches. Kate fell in love with Sam. When Sam and Kate kissed Trout Walker was upset because she broke the law and kissed an African, he was also upset because when he asked her out she refused the invitation.

The next day Trout and his gang burned down the schoolhouse. And she became furious. When she ran to get Sam it was too late he got shot by Trout. And that's how she changed from friendly and kind to free spirited, and fierce.


This is how Kate's loving personality turned to an absolutely different one of how so many people impacted her life in so many different ways. My opinion about Kate is that she was a very good person because of what happened to her and she did what she needed to do.



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