River Oak The best place for a salmon like you

This river is the best river for any salmon because it has all the best things for your life. It has enough food for any growing fry and a quick route to the nearest estuary. The ph level has been altered to a perfect 7.6 to allow new eggs and alevin to grow up. The near by town has promised to keep the river's ph level at 7.6 at all times. The currents are nice and slow for alevin learning to swim, not like the neighboring river that has 20 mph currents. The temperature is at a good range of 44-52 degrees fahrenheit for growing eggs and alevin. This river passes through a forest. There are oak, willow, and elm trees that boarder the banks of the river and rocks for the Redds for your children. There aren't to many preditors or pollution that lurks in the river and there are several salmon ladders that lead back to your birth place. The dissolved oxygen levels are good and the sediment levels are low. Illegal dumpings of toxic waste or other polluntents are closely monitored so chances of pollution in this river is very low. There aren't any dams and fishing is illegal in this area and there isn't any places to mine so there is nothing worry about water shed activities.

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Ethan Bailey


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