CHRIST YOUR LIFE Being you in the age of the new covenant

Since the cross we have been made one with Jesus. Since Pentecost this oneness has descended in the Spirit to live in us. Today our situation is not here we are and there God is. We are one. Through His Son, Father has achieved our union with Himself. The dichotomies, separations and dualisms Adam introduced are no more and we are one with God. This is not decorative speech or Christian piety. It is the reality of the new covenant in which Jesus is our life. He is not only the way to life. He is our life. He is the cosmic Christ. Thus Paul writes this amazing statement, ‘But the person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him’ 1 Cor 6.17 NIV. Joined with Jesus we are one with the logos; one with the divine rationality of the universe and one with any ordinary situation.

Sure, we can remain in what we know, remain closeted in assumptions based on a lie. But if we do we will have captured ourselves in an alternative rationality - an infernal rationality called the law of sin and death.

These accomplishments mean the end of religion. Not the end of community, the end of the self or the end of order. And certainly not the end of holiness. This is the beginning and progress of ‘be holy because I am holy.’ The harvest of the cross is the inclusion of all things in Jesus. It means the beginning of healing, the growth of wholeness and the absence of spatial and temporal ‘holy compartments’ that marked the days of the experience of the knowledge of good and evil. Just so you know, your laundry is no less holy than the platform at your church. Why? Because in this age the trinity lives in you and is always with you.

We are not separate from God. We agree with Jesus that we belong. Because we are one Spirit with the Lord, that which is the Lord is also that which is us. Thus Christ the righteousness from God is the righteousness that is us in the Spirit. So Ron McGatlin is able to write, ‘We do not go to the church nor join the church. We are added to the church and we are the church. The church is the "ecclesia” Why is this? We are sons and we are the Bride.

McGatlin can expound the truth that we are the church because we are the manifestation of Jesus in the world. We are His Body. Because we are one and together as persons we can expect to grow into oneness with each other. This is not a theoretical unity couched in platitude. It occurs because we have been re-joined to God, made whole in our selves and given the ability to love ourselves and each other.

We are His Body when we believe it.

The real Body of Christ never appears because we as Believers try to live up to some ideal, some description of the church or because we are assembled in house churches doing community. The community of God occurs among those who commune with Jesus; it happens among those for whom Jesus is life; among those in which Father, Son and Holy Spirit have made their home. The Spirit of community manifests in all who commune with Christ.

The knowledge of good and evil produces compartmentalization, hierarchies and offices. This realm is innately dichotomized and inherently divided by rank and position because this is the nature of the letter: The letter that kills. Here we should pause to be aware that the rejuvenation of the Kingdom will not come from some re-invention of the church. The Kingdom comes when Jesus is our life and we are the expression of His person. By believing and in no other way, we become the manifestation of Him. How many fellowships in recent times have been killed by formulae? But our union with God does not provide a dumbing down of Believers into a mindless homogeneity. In Christ we become who we truly are. In Christ we are recognized as who we are and what we will flourish in as we minister. In Christ we lead in our sphere – not in someone else’s. Thus Ron McGatlin writes,

‘There are no people to stand as head over the ecclesia or to represent the head to the mature believers. The head is Christ Jesus flowing through the Holy Spirit and living in all his people.’ The fact is that when we live in God we live as the unique daughters and sons we are because we are alive in the Father.

‘And the same one who descended is the one who ascended higher than all the heavens, so that he might fill the entire universe with himself’ Eph 4.10 NLT.

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