Make It Official The United States government is Already Using the Metric System

The United States Government is already moving towards the the metric system, and Congress also decided to only do business in metric. This is to avoid confusions and errors in converting between system.

The metric system is the main means of measurement around the world except for Burma, Liberia, and the US. This fact makes the US to be perceived as out of touch.

Different people rely on the metric system form a variety of fields in a ever expanding world. As the world expands so does the requirement to know the metric system.

The United States is Interconnected with the world, and therefore the US should convert to the metric system to work effectively with other countries. The US also benefits from this relationship because it would make transitions between countries easier.

As the United States moves forward with the world, progress awaits in the distance for all of Mankind. The world is advancing towards a complex and confusing society, so cooperation is needed.

If our Founding Fathers were alive, they would have supported the metric system. They care deeply for the well being of the United States, and the prosperity of the American people.


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