DAY FOUR - My Password Digital January

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Today we look at digital security and focus on the My Password service.

Digital security is becoming increasingly important - every day seems to bring fresh news of data breaches in major organisations, mass identity thefts, hacking of data and laptops with sensitive information being left on trains by high-ranking officials. It's important to take data security seriously, so we're featuring the University's own set of tools and resources to help you stay secure.

What does it do?

This service helps you make sure your password is long, strong, secure and well managed. Your password is the secret key that protects your information and all of the University systems and data you access using your UoD account - that's why it's so important you;

  • Maintain it properly by changing it at least once a year
  • Have a simple yet secure way to reset it at any time

The University's My Password service helps you do both of these things, ultimately safeguarding what matters and making sure you never lose access to your UoD account in the event of a 'forgotten password' moment.

When would you use it?

Regardless of whether you're a student or a member of staff the University asks you by email to change your password once a year - this is your 'best practice' annual change! Not to worry though - you can change it at any time if you think your password may have been compromised.

As for resetting a forgotten password, you can do this whenever you need to, as long as you've added your information to the self-service tool in your online email. Sign up for this now if you haven't already by following the steps below.

  1. You can reach the Password change portal on the University website.
  2. Not set up your self-service password reset yet? Go to your online email and click on Set it up now at the login page - if you can't see this, then you've probably already set it up!
  3. You've forgotten my password - what now? Go to your online email and click on Can't access your account?

What about digital security for non-University activities?

Managing secure access to the many sensitive resources which you might regularly use - eBay, PayPal, Amazon, online banking and so on - is also important, particularly if you've added personal or financial details. You need to be just as security-conscious (if not more!) where there are financial or personal records being stored.

Regularly changing your password with such tools is good practice, but people often reuse the same login details for many different applications, leaving you open to problems if any one of those applications becomes insecure through data theft (or someone discovering your little black book of passwords!).

There are some online password management apps available. LastPass is recommended as it is being piloted by the University (available on Android and iPhone/iPad), but there are many more. A brief comparison of the relative features of a range of password management apps is available here.

Where can you get help to use My Password?

If you need any help with this service, please get in touch with the UoDIT Service Desk via Help4U


The University of Dundee has a Digital Literacies Framework which sets out what sort of digital skills you should have, whether you're a student or a staff member. It's unlikely you'll have all the skills contained in the Framework, but this project can help you get started in developing some new ones. To see the Framework click here and click on Digital Literacies Framework at Dundee University to download a copy.

Understanding and maintaining data security is an aspect of DIMENSION 1 - Understand and engage in Digital practices as outlined on Page 5 of the Framework.



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