Visit to DA Club

Students of KG1A visited Defence Authority Club as part of their academic unit on gardening. Children observed and learnt names of different kinds of plants and flowers. Students also enjoyed sitting in their beautifully manicured garden while they drew colorful pictures of nature.

Urdu Play

Students of Grades 1 and 2 watched a play called “Aa Chiri Kha Chiri” organized by Dhanak Arts at PACC. The purpose of the trip was to engage children away from screens and into live performance entertainment to rekindle the magic of childhood and enhance creative imagination in children. The play did just that and the children thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Quaid-e-Azam’s Museum and Mausoleum

Students of Grade 5 visited Quaid's residence and mausoleum as an extension of their Social Studies unit, “Birth of a Nation and Heroes”. This unit was quite extensive wherein the students learnt about the formation of Pakistan and the struggles faced by our freedom fighters. While visiting Quaid's mausoleum and museum, the students were delighted to see so many items on display that they could connect to their in-class learning. They also got the opportunity to visit the graves of many national heroes that they read about.

Trip to the Zoo

A field trip to Karachi Zoo was arranged as an extension of Grade 6’s Science units Diversity of Organisms and Ecosystems. The diverse species observed and the range of characteristics exhibited by the animals, reptiles and plants served to internalize the key concepts learned in the classroom. The experiential learning of this trip helped identify key traits of organisms adapting to their habitat and the importance of diversity. The highlight of the visit was where the students were allowed to interact with a Boa Constrictor.

Visit to Mijokum Private Limited

Students of Grade 11 Chemistry visited Mijokum Private Limited, a company that deals with the manufacture of specialty chemicals. The students received a guided tour by chemists where they had the opportunity to see and learn about different processes such as ‘Fractional distillation of oil to produce various kerosene products’ and ‘Electrolytic refining of ores to obtain Copper’. The trip was an extremely informative and an eye-opening experience for the students.

Graduating Class Activities

Crazy Day: Grade 11 celebrating their last day at school
Fun Trip to Dream World!


KG2 SPARC Parent Day

Students of KG-2 shined as they performed with their parents on SPARC Parent Day. The Kindergartners displayed a wide spectrum of skills during Gymnastics and had a mind-body workout with their parents during Yoga. Our little dancers and parents moved to the beat in the Movement & Expression class, while the students of Multi-cultural Arts and Crafts showed their creative side with colorful 3D artwork.

Fairy Tale Celebration

As part of their curriculum Grade 4s learn to fracture fairy-tales. The fractured fairy-tales can be created by changing the point of view of the story, a continuation of the story or it could focus on changing the characters, events or settings of any original fairy-tale. As a celebration the students then perform in a fractured fairy-tale written by them. This year grade 4A performed on the life and discovery of true love of 'Shrek'. 4B gave the insight on the witch's point of view in the play 'I'm Beautiful Too!' While grade 4C presented 'Rapunzel in Karachi' in which Rapunzel escapes from fairy-tale land to have her own adventure in Karachi. It was a lovely parent event which the parents and students thoroughly enjoyed.

Fabulous Fables

Our second graders celebrated their Fable Unit by enacting some popular fables for their parents in the form of a creative presentation, titled, ‘Fabulous Fables’. After each presentation, one student from each respective section read aloud a fable which they had written on their own. The students did a great job and enthralled their parents with their marvelous performances!

Azadi Mela

Students of Grade 5 hosted a grand Azadi Mela for grades 4 and 6. The children enjoyed taking pictures at the photo booth, sampled delicious Pakistani cuisine, designed creative postcards, made traditional clay pots and adorned their hands with mehndi. The event culminated with a stage show where grade 5 students showcased their talents via skits and dances.

Egyptian Celebration

Students of grade 6 hosted a celebration on their history unit ‘Ancient Egyptian Civilization’ where grade 6 parents, junior school students and faculty members were invited. This project provided the students with an opportunity to research and explore life in ancient Egypt. They applied their learning to their work on attractive 3D structures, fun games and engaging displays of information related to various aspects of Egyptian civilization. The students were most excited to share their knowledge about ancient Egypt, its people and their ways with the guests. With Egyptian music playing in the background, delectable homemade Egyptian cuisine at the stalls for tasting, and students dressed in dazzling costumes fit for Pharaohs and Queens, it was indeed an enjoyable and memorable event for all.

History Club Celebration

Haque Academy’s “History Come Alive” club held an exhibition to demonstrate the work of its students. The aim of the event was to highlight the opulent history of our region through interviews, documentaries, write-ups, sketches, collages, models and a song. Through their presentation, the club promoted historical awareness, intellectual growth and appreciation of history of this region among fellow students. The event was followed by a bake sale to generate funds for Quaid Azam's Flagstaff house.


Science Fuse for Kindergarten

Haque Academy hosted a workshop conducted by Science Fuse for our Kindergarten students. The one-week long interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program allowed the students to engage in exciting experiments and activities to help them develop vital cognitive skills. The Kindergartner thoroughly enjoyed the activities and participated in all experiments enthusiastically.

FLL International Open Championship

Haque Academy's FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) Robotics Team, The DoDo Bots, has been selected to represent Pakistan at the FLL International Open Championship to be held in Bath, UK from 21st to 25th June 2017. The team seeks sponsorship to meet their travel, accommodation and participation expenses so they could avail this amazing opportunity of a unique and rare experience and exposure. They have qualified for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with their effort, hard work and enthusiasm. We would greatly appreciate if the Haque Academy family could come together to provide The DoDo Bots with the requisite sponsorship so that they could go on this trip representing their school and their country to make all of us proud at an International forum. For details please contact the Team's Coach Ms. Zartaj Waseem at


Girls Football Tournaments

Haque Academy Girls’ Football Team comprising of students from grades 5 to 11 won 2nd position in Karachi Inter School Sports League (KISSL) out of 4 participating teams. We secured 2nd position based on point basis. The team also aced the 2nd Inter District Inter-School Tournament out of 5 participating teams. Highlights of the Tournament: Haque Academy vs Agha Khan Secondary School, score 2-1; Haque Academy vs Women College, score 3-0; Haque Academy vs Delhi Secondary school, score 3-0. Captain of the team, Amna Abbas of grade 11, was awarded “Best Midfielder” of the tournament. Congratulations girls and the coach Ms. Sadia Sheikh!

Athletic Championship

Our athletes from grade levels 7 to 9 participated in the Karachi Grammar School Boys & Girls U-15 Athletic Championship 2017 and won 4th position overall out of the 6 schools that participated in the event. Highlights of the Championship: Rayyan Hassan of grade 9: 3rd position in Discus Throw (boys); Minahil Baloch of grade 9: 3rd position in Discus Throw (girls); Momin Kashif of grade 9: 3rd position, Long Jump (boys); Kiana Horwitz of grade 8, Khillat Ali of grade 9, Elyssa Horwitz of grade 9, Mahnoor Afzal of grade 8: 2nd position, Relay Race (girls). Congratulations to all the students and their coach Mr. Faheem!

Karachi United Youth Festival

Our 5th grade football players made us proud once again by securing 1st position at the Karachi United Youth Festival for U-11 Boys. There were a total of 6 participating teams and our boys defeated KGS in the final with a score of 6-1. Best Scorer of the Tournament was Ramiq Adnan who scored 14 goals in the tournament. Other team members were: Salahudin Khan, Ammar Kashif, M. Yaseen, Zaid Adnan, Ramish Usman, Ayaan Nabeel & Maahdi Sajid as Goal Keeper.

Girls Basketball Tournament

This achievement is by our Girls Basketball team who secured 2nd position in the “1st Reflections U-16 Girls Basketball Tournament 2017” out of the 4 participating teams. Minahil Baloch of grade 9 was awarded the “highest scorer” of the tournament with 30 baskets. Congratulations girls and their remarkable coach Ms. Mehwish Khan!

Boys Basketball Tournament

Haque Academy won 1st position in the U-15 Inter-school Three Aside Boys Basketball Tournament by defeating CAS in the final with a score of 19-12. A total of six teams participated in this tournament. We would like to share some interesting highlights & tournament statistics here: ***LEAGUE MATCHES*** Haque Academy vs Education Bay, 34-8; Haque Academy Red vs Haque Academy Green, 15-12; ***SEMI-FINAL*** Haque Academy vs The Learning Tree, 31-9; ***FINAL*** Haque Academy vs CAS, 19-12. Momin Kashif, grade 9 student, was declared the “Highest Scorer” with 54 points in the tournament.

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